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"I had no idea how these things work, but I have been AMAZED at the nearly INSTANT tangible results. I simply wrote my affirmation/intention like I always do but with the Orgone Generator I felt a surge of life force and it WORKED. Thank you!!"


Our Orgone Generators produce a tangible stream of Life Force to fully charge your manifestations

Orgone Generators

Traditional Radionics-style machines with a built-in Orgone Generator - a new generation of "Power Radionics”

Radionics Machines

Orgonite power booster with “structurally linked” pendant designed to boost the output of select orgone generators

Power Boosters

Orgone Generator Verified Cloud Test

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Orgone Energy Information

Negative Ion Nonsense

Negative Ion Nonsense

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Law of Attraction Series

Law of Attraction Series

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5-minute history and overview