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Environmental disasters, wars, technology addiction, polluted homelands and corruption have many asking and begging to find...

What more is there and how can I have a more perfect life? What about the orgone generator works exactly?

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Timeless manifestation techniques which are just now being "rediscovered" by esoteric, spiritual, and main stream communities.

The law of balance would tell us that while such massive nastiness is occurring, new positive experiences and technologies are dawning.

Orgone is another word for the universal life force which has been accepted as fact since antiquity. Through the diligent experimentation of Wilhelm Reich, and now thanks to recent discoveries by Karl Welz - Orgone can be easily cultivated, directed and harnessed with the snap of your fingers! You will find ample explanation of these technologies as well as opportunities to effortlessly enhance your world with Orgone.



You can easily send this to friends and loved ones via our Cyber Orgonite campaign and program. No more excruciating conversations with your relatives persuading them about the ills of unfiltered water and EMF radiation; or twisting their arm to come to a yoga or meditative retreat with you!

There is a simpler and better way; orgone can be transferred anywhere in the world with the push of a button. You can involve your friends and family in a fun way - they too can have a ready made answer to EMF pollution and the myriad of harms and ills weighing them down in today's world.

We offer well priced generators for those who are advanced enough to have interest. Hundreds of thousands of times more powerful than your average "orgone pyramid" peddler on eBay, Amazon, or Etsy! If you are skeptical or just want an easy freebie; try the Chi-Card delivered to your email immediately. You can print or feel the orgone radiating through the screen! Try this in a double-blind experiment using two identical water bottles or glasses...The miraculous results speak to many...then you can read on, or share these cards with others and receive cash rewards and other benefits.


Have the full force of the Goliath $250,000 generator transferred to you for a nominal fee. We offer energy transfers for every need; clearings, love interests, smash parties, and anything you can think of. Have an upcoming political campaign? You might join those other politicians who credit the technology with their victories.

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Orgone Generators

Orgone Generators from $150 to $12,000 for every use. Ask about custom orders for special deals and test the output for free before buying.

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Next Steps...

Find out why international politicians, business leaders, spiritual teachers and others breaking out of the matrix use Orgone Generators.