Life force distributed throughout the universe that can be collected, transferred, stored, and utilized


Orgone Generator

 Invented in 1991 by Austrian scientist Karl Hans Welz. The first manmade device exclusively for generating a pulsating stream of life energy. Life force which can be directed towards whatsoever means you desire. Remember; how; JP Morgan first reacted to Tesla's energy tranfer device. You'd be surprised by those across the globe who have one of these in their closet... Are you an early adopter - or waiting for validation from the crowd? 30 day money back guarantee plus; Proof; as deeply as you wish to go; follows;


Artistic Depiction of Power Radionics Orgone Generator RAD5

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    Easy as A-B-C. Since antiquity desires have been constructed into form, energized with a powersource (in the past commmonly a sacrafice), then results are achieved. With the new age "thoughts are things," manifestation boards, affirmations, etc the same principals are used. An Orgone Generator® provides a steady outpouring of life energy which is directed by the owner towards a material goal or purpose; person, place, or thing. More detail here.

  • History

    Willhelm Reich discovered the plants in Freud's office would perk up per a brighter mood from Freud, Reich's teacher. Reich created an Orgone Accumulator box - a layering of organic and inorganic material which he measured to accumulate "bions" - life forms which radiated  of a bright blue luminescence. Reich was able to demonstrate changes in weather, individual attitude, and other phenomenon using Orgone - which he measured and attributed to the layering of a male/female + yin/yang + organic/inorganic material. In 1992, one year after inventing the generator which streamed a pulsing healthy electromagnetic signal through a layered orgone accumulator, Karl Welz invented Orgonite®. Orgonite® is a super concentrated conduit for Orgone - using many thousands of organic/inorganic layers per cubic inch. Karl theorizes the fine Iron powder used resonates with the Iron in human blood. 

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Nature is the greatest source of Orgone, naturally. Willhelm Reich discovered that all of nature vibrates with Orgone. Metal reflects/repels Orgone and Wood/Plastic/Organic material attracts Orgone. The layering of these materials causes then an inflow/outflow contrast which accumulates and emits a concentration of life force. Reich likened this unto the male/female dynamic. The french call this force "Magnetism-Personnel" and Franz Anton Mesmer (Origin of the word Mesmerize) also studied this energy and used it in a hypnotic fashion.

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    The Orgone Generators® are used around the world by business people, artists, athletes, politicians, spiritual teachers, religious leaders, and health enthusiasts alike. High ranking Pentagon personnel have purchased several Orgone Generators®. The Orgone Generator® provides a flow of Orgone + Life Force which you can 'color' and direct as you wish. Our primary disclaimer is "be careful what you wish for" and all products come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Products range from $25 to $12k - all of our Orgone Generators® have the same core function; with varying levels of power and adaptability. 

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Real Reviews

"I have no clue how this thing works -- but holy s*&% these experiences are out of this world!! Wish after wish I had been working on for years came true in weeks."

Tim K of Texas


"I took a leap of faith and figured I'd give these the Rad1000 a try. With the money back guarantee I said what the heck. Well, sure enough within a week of putting a spell on for more money - I got a 15% pay increase. I'll be getting a RAD5 in no time - seriously."

James L. PA


"Hello! Rad 2000 is working great. Im gonna be a Dad! My biggest desire of my Life is about to come true. Thank you

I have money, an amazing girlfriend and a good job. All that thanks of your machines as my Life last year was broke into pieces and I though I couldn't go through this difficult season..." Gerard in Spain


"I used your cards on my RAD2000 and have been able to workout like a machine. I was skeptical but my pendant felt good and my friend told me just return it if I wasn't happy and that I wouldn't be disappointed. I can do an extra 20-30% reps and much longer workouts. I've also added that I have better success at work and got a raise within 3 weeks of using it...If that's a coincidence I'd be surprised..I owe it all to you guys, thank you and thanks for all the phone support setting up my device. " M in Texas


"My husband is part of a bargaining team (teacher's union). Everyone had certain areas of concern they were working on for the betterment of the whole. He had been working on formalizing benefits for the heads of departments. Making sure there was an equal and basic recompense they all could count on. Currently it is completely arbitrary and can change with each semester.
Before he left for his meeting last Friday I wrote on a sticky that his proposals would be 100% successful and placed it and 3 tealights on top of the RAD1000 device to charge. (Things recently had devolved, previous agreements had been pulled off the table, it was not good.)
When he left for the meeting I moved the tea lights to their fixture and lit each one, letting them burn as the meeting went on. When he came back he was ecstatic, all his proposals went through. Even more amazing, the top administrator apologized for the way things had been mis-managed in the past saying they had no idea of the abuses. " - D

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    The law of balance would tell us that while such massive nastiness is occurring, new positive experiences and technologies are dawning.

    Orgone is another word for the universal life force which has been accepted as fact since the dawn of consciousness. Understand that Orgone can be easily cultivated, directed and harnessed; as we naturally all already do this anyway! Adding a tool; much like the early personal computer; can give you a massive advantage. You will find ample explanation of these technologies as well as opportunities to effortlessly enhance your world with your Orgone Generator®. Feel free to call or email anytime.