Orgone Generator

Orgonite® Pyramid - Large


Our large Orgonite® pyramid combines next-level presence with the ability to accumulate and store a large amount of Orgone energy.

Key features:

•Impressive size, weight, and presentation — also very effective at accumulating ambient Orgone.

•Made using a special recipe and process developed by the original inventor of Orgonite® - Karl Hans Welz.

•Made with 100 Micron 99% pure iron powder and high quality, carbon-based epoxy.

•Contains a quartz crystal point in the center just above the base.

•Most effective at amplifying positive life energy when linked with an Orgone Generator® as part of an Orgonite® Pyramid Set forming an energetic grid. 

*Please note — each of our Orgonite® pyramids is handmade and, therefore, may have small blemishes or bubbles that develop during its unique curing process. Any such idiosyncracy does not alter or reduce the function or effectiveness of the pyramid. We inspect all of our pyramids for defects prior to shipping.

**Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for shipping after order is placed**

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