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JU 99 Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator®)


JU 99 Entry-Level Orgone Generator Machine

The JU 99 “Junior” Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator®) is an excellent entry-level chi energy generator for those just becoming acquainted with life energy technology.

The JU 99 comes with a pre-set frequency setting of 7.83 Hz which regulates the pulse of the Orgone output from the device. This frequency is one of the Schumann Resonances and is also known “The Earth Frequency” because it is the same frequency as the pulse of the Earth’s electromagnetic field. After using the device, many users report feelings of being “grounded”, increased calm, and improved stress tolerance, making the JU 99 excellent for basic energy work and relaxation. 

In addition to being one of our most affordable devices, the JU 99 is very easy to use -- simply plug the device into a standard electrical outlet and it immediately begins to produce a stream of Orgone. It is also extremely convenient - due to its smaller size, it can be carried in a backpack, purse, or even a pocket. When the device is not plugged in, it still functions as a high quality piece of Orgonite®!

The JU 99 can be linked with a pair of Orgonite® Pendants to enhance the device’s output and promote energy transfer. Simply turn on the JU 99, slide the rectangle Orgonite® pendant onto the silver output tube, and keep the round Orgonite® pendant in your pocket. The pair of pendants creates a “structural link” between you and the device, enabling you to receive the Orgone output from the JU 99 wherever you are in the world!

All of our products are made in the USA and all Orgone Generators come with a 5-year limited warranty. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for first purchases of an Orgone Generator® under $800 (see our Terms of Use for details).

*Orgonite® Pendants in photos not included*

Key Features:

•Orgone output - Entry-level

•Pre-set frequency of 7.83 Hz  


•Extremely portable

•Silver output tube

•LED light



Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Wonderful device

I had not turned off my JU 99 since I received it over two weeks ago. And I have felt an ease of stress and better grounded less scatter brained. I can't wait to see what this little device may help me accomplish in the coming weeks.

Mariya FeldmAn
This is a game changer

My sensitivity increased and I use this for my products. About to upgrade to the ju 1000!

Dexter bailey

JU 99 Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator®)

Sorina Balan
Better sleep

After 2 weeks of use and charge of my orgone pendants I have a better longer sleep. I have more energy in the morning.

I'm using it for psychic attack shielding

It is quite the experience I needed, it gives a healing feel for the mind and body.
At times I've sensed as if I were visualizing a time warp portal (my experience, don't take my word for it as yours), but when I'm healing from psychic attacks I also begin to have an unsynthesized silence powered by this positive orgone generator. It works best when sleeping with it for regeneration & shielding. I do believe the JU99 is a lesser powered orgone generator and a good starter.
I am more familiar in identifying orgone as chi, and the internal feeling of chi will be one to become familiar with by this generator.

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