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PFC 2400 HD Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator™ brand frequency device)


PFC 2400 HD Heavy Duty Orgone Device

The PFC 2400 HD is a heavy duty Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator®) with the largest range of frequency settings of any device we offer. The PFC 2400 HD is the most cost-effective heavy duty Orgone Generator® for those who are interested in knowing the precise frequency of the device.

The PFC 2400 HD is equipped with three dials that can be used to set the frequency for the device’s Orgone output, which can range from 0.6 to about 1000 Hz. The device has a built-in digital frequency display which shows the precise frequency to two decimal points for frequencies under 100 Hz (e.g. 7.83 Hz) and one decimal point for frequencies above 100 Hz (e.g. 136.1 Hz).

The PFC 2400 HD also provides audio input capability -- you can synch audio tracks such as binaural beats, affirmations, Om chanting, etc. with your operations or direct the Orgone output from the device directly into your audio device to specifically energize your affirmations etc.

The PFC 2400 HD’s dials can also be used for radionics operations to connect with the desired trends and targets of your radionics operations and lock in radionic rates. Each dial has settings of 0 - 100, allowing 1 million settings of the device. The device comes with a stainless steel well plate where you can put the structural links of your operations (e.g. a photo, handwritten intention, etc.). Additionally, the PFC 2400 HD has a stick pad made of Orgonite® that can be used to help find the rate if you are not exactly certain what rate you should choose for a specific operation. Some users find that using both hands to find a rate engages both sides of the brain and improves the effectiveness of operations -- this is called an ideomotor response. 

The PFC 2400 HD can be linked with an Orgonite® Power Booster to enhance the device’s output and promote energy transfer. Simply turn on the PFC 2400 HD, slide the Power Booster onto the silver output tube, and keep the round Orgonite® pendant in your pocket. The Power Booster creates a “structural link” with you and the device, enabling you to receive the Orgone output from the PFC 2400 HD wherever you are in the world!

All of our products are made in the USA and all Orgone Generators come with a 5-year limited warranty. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for first purchases of an Orgone Generator® under $800 (see our Terms of Use for details).

*Please note -- the PFC 2000 DL and PFC 2400 HD look almost exactly the same. The differences are that the PFC 2000 DL does not have audio input capabilities and the PFC 2400 HD has more Orgone output than the PFC 2000 DL which is why it is classified as a “heavy duty” device.

PFC 2400 Heavy Duty Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator®) 

Key Features:

•Orgone output - Heavy Duty

•Most affordable heavy duty device with digital frequency display

•Continuous frequency settings ranging from 0.6 - ~1000 Hz

•Dials can be used for radionics operations

•Orgonite® stick pad

•Stainless steel well plate

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
jarlen Karsanyi
Great product

This product is worth every penny. I have not been started an operation but the energy it emits has helped me with pain in my body and to sleep better and fo withstand meds. Amazing product!

PFC 2400 HD Delivered as promised!

Just had the PFC 2400 HD delivered. Already own the JU99 since 2 yeas back, and it has changed my life permanently. I'm super excited to put the new machine into some works. I have experienced the power of the little entry device JU99 for financial gain, so upgrading to the PFC 2400 HD just makes sense to me and my financial operations. Overall great technology that actually works if used correctly and it will change your life.


This thing is great

Josh Sorenson
Heavy Duty Generator

I purchased the PFC 2400 HD a couple of weeks ago. It was shipped promptly, and arrived within just a few days. I love working with the radionics dials and experimenting with different rates for different intentions & purposes. I purchased an entry level device earlier this year, which I love, but the orgone output is nothing compared to the heavy duty output of the PFC 2400 HD. The orgone field saturates the entire space it is stored in, and if I stand next to the generator for only a few minutes i come away buzzing with energy for hours on end. I've definitely noticed an increase in the potency of the operations I've been running, with an uptick in my manifestations coming to fruition and at more rapid pace. For example just yesterday i received an unexpected check in the mail for almost $500. With this check alone the device has already paid for 1/3 of it's cost in less than two weeks. So needless to say the device is more than worth the investment. I would highly recommend the PFC 2400 HD to anyone looking for heavy duty orgone output at a reasonable price, who also wants to work with precision radionics rates. Five stars all the way around!!

~Josh Sorenson

David Strickland
PFC 2400 HD Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator®)

I am really happy I purchased this machine, it definatly works as advertised. The customer serviceis wonderful too, the are quick to respond and very helpful.

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