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RAD 2000 Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator®)


RAD 2000 Advanced Radionics Machine

The RAD 2000 is an advanced Orgone Radionics™ device. With three dedicated radionics dials, frequency tuning capability, and substantial Orgone output, the RAD 2000 is an extremely versatile Orgone Generator®.

The RAD 2000 is equipped with three (3) dials which can be used to connect with the desired trends and targets of your radionics operations and lock in radionic rates. Each dial has settings ranging from 0 - 100, allowing 1 million settings of the device. 

The RAD 2000 also has a continuous frequency setting dial to configure the frequency of the Orgone output from the device, which ranges from 0 - ~500 Hz. Please note -- the RAD 2000’s continuous frequency setting dial is not designed for exactness, so people who want the ability to set specific frequencies with precision should consider either a device with pre-set frequencies or a digital frequency display (such as the PFC 2000 DL, PFC 2400 HD, Performer 2400 HD, etc.).

Additionally, the RAD 2000 has a stick pad made of Orgonite® that can be used to help find the rate if you are not exactly certain what rate you should choose for a specific operation. Some users find that using both hands to find a rate engages both sides of the brain and improves the effectiveness of operations -- this is called an ideomotor response. The device also comes with a stainless steel well plate where you can put the structural links of your operations (e.g. a photo, handwritten intention, etc.).

The RAD 2000 can be linked with either an Orgonite® Power Booster or Orgonite® Pendant Pair to enhance the device’s output and promote energy transfer. Simply turn on the RAD 2000, slide the Power Booster or rectangle Orgonite® pendant onto the silver output tube, and keep the round Orgonite® pendant in your pocket. The Power Booster/rectangle Orgonite® pendant creates a “structural link” with you and the device, enabling you to receive the Orgone output from the RAD 2000 wherever you are in the world!

All of our products are made in the USA and all Orgone Generators come with a 5-year limited warranty. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for first purchases of an Orgone Generator® under $800 (see our Terms of Use for details).

*Orgonite® Power Booster and Pendants in photos not included*

Key Features:

•Orgone output -- Advanced

•Extremely versatile

•3 radionics dials

•Continuous frequency settings ranging from 0.6 - ~500 Hz

•Orgonite® stick pad

•Stainless steel well plate

•Silver output tube

•LED light


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Excellent product
Amazing product and very powerful. Fast manifestation!

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