Orgone Generator

Orgonite® Power Booster for Advanced Orgone Generators


An Orgonite® Power Booster is designed to boost the Orgone output of an Orgone Generator®. Simply slide the Power Booster onto the silver output tube of your generator. This specific Power Booster is for use on the following Orgone Generator models: LPOG 2400 DL, RAD 2000, PFC 2000 DL.

*Please note - an Orgonite® Power Booster can work with the JU 99, RAD 1000, and JU 1000, though it does not fit snugly when mounted on the device. If you're inclined to use a Power Booster with an entry-level device, we would suggest just purchasing a bigger device without a Power Booster.

This Orgonite® Power Booster is one of the only authentic Orgonite® pieces available anywhere. Our Orgonite® is made by direct descendants of the original inventor of Orgonite® - the late Karl Hans Welz  - using a special recipe and process that has been perfected since Karl made the first piece of Orgonite® in 1992.

Prior to creating Orgonite®, Karl studied the work of Wilhelm Reich for years and built and experimented with several Orgone devices based on Reich’s original blueprints. In 1991, Karl created the first Orgone Generator®. A year later, Karl created the first piece of Orgonite®. Made of high quality epoxy, 100 Micron 99% pure iron powder, and quartz crystal point, Orgonite® Power Boosters are worth hundreds of pieces of more elaborate-looking Orgone energy pieces with visible layers of material.

Orgonite® is basically a smaller, more powerful version of Wilhelm Reich’s original Orgone accumulator. Reich’s Orgone accumulator - made of layers of wood and metal - was designed to “capture” ambient Orgone energy in order to concentrate it around a person, thereby passing on beneficial energy to the person inside the accumulator. Reich found that the more layers of organic (wood) and inorganic (metal) material present, the stronger the Orgone field. The key is that layering harbors and concentrates a dynamic between the organic and inorganic material (analogous to feminine and masculine, Yin and Yang) that causes the accumulation of Orgone -- the more layering, the more interaction, the more Orgone accumulation.

Orgonite® is also made up of layers of organic and inorganic materials. We use high quality epoxy (carbon-based) for the organic material and fine iron powder for the inorganic material (we use iron because we believe it resonates with the iron in the human body and blood). Using fine iron powder means more surface area for interaction to occur between the iron and the epoxy. So, in essence, Orgonite® is made up of thousands of layers of organic and inorganic material. Like Reich’s original Orgone accumulator, Orgonite® accumulates and stores Orgone energy -- like a life force magnet and battery. But, due to the intense layering effect, Orgonite® is much more effective at accumulating and amplifying Orgone energy than the now-primitive Orgone accumulator.

It’s important to note -- not all Orgone energy pieces are created equal. You can find many people selling colorful pyramids and elaborate-looking pieces designed to make for nice home decor and ornate jewelry. A good rule of thumb -- if you can see the layers, you’re looking at weak or non-existent Orgone accumulation. Visible layers are often due to the use of large metal shavings versus fine metal powder. Don’t be fooled -- it’s a mathematical fact that fine powder provides more surface area for interaction (and, therefore, more Orgone will accumulate) than metal shavings! Orgonite®, with its thousands upon thousands of layers, is equivalent to a “building full” of weaker Orgone energy pieces made with visible layers of metal shavings.

Though some people mistakenly refer to our Orgonite® pieces as “Orgone Generators”, there is an important difference. In contrast to Orgonite®, an Orgone Generator® does more than accumulate Orgone -- it actively produces a continuous stream of Orgone. An Orgone Generator® contains Orgonite® which is energized and activated by a specialized electromagnetic pulse via proprietary circuitry embedded into the Orgonite®. Our experimentation over many years has led us to believe that this process actually generate life force versus merely passively accumulating ambient Orgone like Orgonite®. Given that it continuously produces Orgone, an Orgone Generator® is thousands of times more powerful than a standalone piece of Orgonite®. An Orgone Generator® represents a quantum leap from Orgonite® -- like a computer to a typewriter.

Customer Reviews

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Jerome Rhett (Verified)

Orgonite® Power Booster for Advanced Orgone Generators

Josh Sorenson
Potent orgone output

I love this power booster and paired pendant set. I take the pendant with me whenever i leave the house, and can always feel the potent orgone energy transmitted from the power booster i have linked to my orgone generator enveloping me wherever i go. Highly recommend!

~Josh Sorenson

maximiliano orellana

Orgonite® Power Booster for Advanced Orgone Generators

very good product

very powerful I use Quantum entanglement with my nails into the pipe, and i play day and night life frequencies and morphic fields at the same time maybe 20 or more all from YouTube. Light and Love to all!

Rodney Styers

I am new with radionics and the rad 2000 is my first generator . I’m very pleased with the rad 2000 , but I wish I had purchased a model that has a digital frequency display.

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