Manifestation: A Case Study

The basic outline of the article:

I. The Story

II. Analysis

A. Context

B. Trends breakdown

C. Conclusion

The Story
I was living in Asia until earlier this year. I came back to the US because of the pandemic. Unfortunately, a few days after I arrived in the US, my previous driver’s license expired.

I didn’t have some of the documentation I needed to get a new license. And, since I was busy, I…procrastinated. And drove around without a valid driver’s license for the next 7 months :)

I never drove too far from the farm. And I was very cautious about following all laws. But it was always a little stressful. Any time I would drive somewhere, I would set up operations to not get pulled over by police (worked!).
Finally, I decided to get in gear and get a new driver’s license. Since I’ve been living on a family farm, I didn’t have great documentation for official “residence” at the location (e.g. a utility bill in my name etc.). I had a life insurance policy statement listing my address that could be enough, but I wouldn’t know until someone at the DMV actually looked at it (for non-US people, DMV = Department of Motor Vehicles).
So, I set up some hardcore Trends on my Orgone Generators to tilt the scales in my favor -- I’m going to share those with you at the end.
Then I drove to the DMV (…by myself haha).
When I really care about an operation, I look for early signs to see if it’s working.
When I first walked in, I spoke with the receptionist to get a ticket number – she was immediately smiling, animated, and talkative. Her reaction to me surprised me at first even though I had made operations that would cause it. I watched her while I waited and she did not interact with other people in the same way. “Good, things are moving,” I thought to myself. But would it be enough?
I waited for close to an hour. Then finally the moment of truth.
I walked up to the counter and handed the DMV clerk my “good” documentation first. Then, I handed her the insurance policy statement. The DMV technically requires the actual insurance policy, not just an annual statement. I set up Trends specifically around a DMV worker with decision-making authority accepting the insurance policy statement I had with no pushback. “Insurance policy,” I said as I handed it to her. She looked at the document for a brief second and simply said “OK” and start entering information into her computer.
“YES!!!” I thought to myself. “So, I’m going to get a license, right?”
“Yes, you are,” she replied. “I need you to surrender your old license.”
Hmm, I hadn’t expected that. I messed around in my pockets for a couple minutes to give her time to get further along in her data input process. Then I handed her my old license which showed the expiration date – 7 months ago.
She looked surprised and said, “Oh. You’re going to need to take a driver’s test. Because your license has been expired for more than 6 months.”
Welp. I was not expecting that. I actually thought the time limit was a full year.
She continued, “You can take the written test now. For the driving test, we don’t have any spaces open today, so you can come back in two weeks or schedule an appointment online for the end of October.”
“Are you kidding me?” I thought. The last time I took a driver’s test, I was 16 years old. “I can’t believe I’m going to have to wait at least 2 more weeks.”
Trying to make the best of it, I agreed to take the written test. I finished it in about 15 minutes. I went back to the same clerk – she told me I passed (which I was not sure about when I finished!).
And this is where things got a little crazy. The clerk started looking at my documentation again.   “Do you have a vehicle here?” she asked.
Lol. That’s called getting caught red-handed. Fun!
“Yes, I do”, I responded, caught off-guard but trying to play it cool.
She told me, “OK…wait here” and stepped away from the counter, carrying all of my important documentation (including passport, old license, voter registration card, etc.).
At this point, I didn’t think I was going to get a license that day. I was just hoping I could leave the DMV with my documents without getting a ticket or worse – I had seen police in the back rooms behind the counter and the DMV clerk now knew I had an expired license and had driven there myself.
I watched as the DMV clerk approached other clerks who were working with other customers. It was late afternoon, the DMV was packed, and there were still dozens of people waiting to see a clerk – everyone was busy.
My clerk was purposely not making eye contact with me. She approached three other clerks, including one I thought was a manager. She started whispering and showing them my documents while very obviously not looking at me. Then she turned around and walked into a back room.
“Great” I thought, “I hope my operations at least keep me from getting a ticket and my truck impounded.”
I waited at the counter for almost 10 minutes. Next to me was a guy who was getting refused a license because he had the wrong type of insurance document. I half-expected my clerk to walk back out with a police officer.
Instead, she re-appeared, walked up to the counter and said quietly, “Pull your vehicle around to one of the spaces outside of the side door. Then come back and get me. I will send someone out who will give you your driver’s test.”
I nodded and said “OK, I’ll be right back.”
I left the building and headed out to my truck quickly. As I pulled it around I kept thinking, “I LOVE Orgone!! Those machines are doing work today!!”
When you catch a break, don’t talk too much, just go with it.
I went back inside and signaled the clerk, then went back to the truck. After a few minutes, another woman came out with a clipboard. She made me do all the basic lights and windshield wiper tests, then we took a quick drive around the block. She seemed very relaxed and semi-checked out while we made small talk. All very causal. We got back to the DMV and she said simply, “You pass”, then walked back inside.
I went back to my original clerk who took a picture of me and finished processing my documents. She handed me my temporary license and told me to expect the permanent one in the mail in the next couple weeks.
Boom, got it!
Before I turned to leave the counter, I made eye contact with her and said, “Hey, thank you for doing that, I really appreciate.” She looked at me, knowing she had done me a favor but for some reason not wanting to acknowledge it too much, and said “No worries” and quickly looked away to signal the next customer to the counter.
I left and drove home – first time driving legally in almost 5 years.
Wow. Quite the experience.
OK, I’m going to respond to a question I know some people are going to ask – Dave, how do you know it was the Orgone Generators that made the DMV clerk do all of that?
Answer – I don’t know in a scientific sense. But I’ve used Orgone a lot and set up a lot of operations. And that was a dramatic turn of events given where the encounter seemed to be going.
I’ve said it many times – once you run enough operations, you start to see things occur that you don’t expect. In this case, I felt the Orgone created a dramatic effect at multiple points throughout the story.
Now, I want to breakdown the Trends I used. I’m going to provide some context to show you how I think about operations when I set them up and I’m also going to provide you the specific Trends I used along with some commentary.

•Goal of the manifestation – to get my TN driver’s license. I like that the goal was fairly small and discrete. When people think of “manifestation”, they often think about huge life aspirations. But, as we’ve said before many times, the effects of an Orgone Generator are often most noticeable with a smaller, discrete goal in a shorter period of time. The “size” of the manifestation is one of the reasons I’m writing this – I want you to see the potential of Orgone even for very mundane activities that we all have to go through.

•Orgone Generators I used: RAD 5 + Performer 2400 HD + PFC 2000 DL + JU 1000 – all linked together, with no other operations running. Also, I had 6 large pyramids + 2 small pyramids + 2 Power Boosters + 2 Pendant Pairs which had been sitting near my generators for months and, therefore, were probably already full of Orgone that could be used.

•Time to “fill up” all of the Trends – about 3 hours. If I had to do it all again, I probably would give more time for the Trends to fill up -- a couple days maybe. That’s what I normally do for very important operations. But, I didn’t think about it the day before so I had to go with only a few hours. I think it worked because 1) I have multiple powerful generators + pyramids, and 2) I stopped all of my other operations so that all of the Orgone would go to the DMV ones.

•I used 8 Trend Cards in addition to written statements. These definitely helped strengthen my Trends as usual.

•Risks/life energy momentum potentially working against me:

-DMV laws

-DMV workers afraid of breaking the law

-DMV workers afraid of “rocking the boat”/getting fired – I believe this is why my clerk was a little weird as I was leaving the DMV – she did not want to broadcast that she had gone to such lengths to help me out. A lot of DMV workers seem like they’re worried about breaking rank and just want to take the path of least resistance while carrying out their job duties.

Trends breakdown:
Title – Trends for Me/Dave/[My Target Code]
Dave note – I framed all of these operations with me as the Target. I could have made the DMV/its workers the Targets -- for a structural link, I could do a written statement or use a picture of the DMV, or a combination of those. I chose to make myself the Target because most of the Trends could be framed that way and it felt more simple to do at the time.
1) Trend – no law enforcement sees me/my truck on the way to the DMV, while there, or on the way back home
2) Trend – no law enforcement stops me/my truck on the way to the DMV, while there, or on the way back home
Dave note – I used Trends 1 and 2 all year whenever I would drive somewhere. It can be a good idea to re-use trends over time – I feel like it can sometimes create a “groove” for the Orgone to move through more easily. Also, sometimes I would do a quick visualization of the exact route I was going to drive or the places I was going to go when writing. I was definitely hoping these would help keep me out of trouble when things seemed like they were going badly.
3) Trend – anyone I talk to or come within 20 feet of at the DMV:
            -has deep love and appreciation for me
            -finds me to have magnetic appeal
            -performs for me
            -finds me very charismatic
            -finds me very persuasive
            -is easily influenced by me
            -does favors for me
Dave note – each of these Trends corresponds to a Trend Card that I attached to my own Target Link along with the written statements Trend Link. We’ve said before that Trend Cards are powerful and I’m glad I used them.
-New Love – an extremely powerful motivator
-Magnetic Appeal – the card says “turn enemies into friends”
-Performs for Me – I use this one a lot when I need someone to help me with something
-Charisma – always good to be seen as charismatic
-Power of Persuasion/Persuasion Demagogics – I used both cards to help me be persuasive if necessary
-Influence – can have a similar effect to some of the other cards, as you can see. I just wanted to load up on Trend Cards.
-Gain Favors – I figured I would need some favors – seems like I got a big favor!
If I had to guess which two Trend Cards were the most effective overall, I would say New Love and Gain Favors. However, a number of Trend Cards probably caused the receptionist to react strongly to me.
4) Trend – anyone with decision-making authority at the DMV accepts my documentation (especially my insurance policy statement) as valid and does not say I need more documentation – they issue me a TN driver’s license immediately with no pushback
Dave note – “anyone with decision-making authority” is a Nick sentence and is useful for a variety of situations where you don’t exactly know who’s making the decisions. Notice I called out my insurance policy statement specifically – I did that because it was the key document that I needed to be accepted and I wasn’t sure it would be. I said “no pushback” but technically, I didn’t get pushback because of the documentation – I got pushback because of my expired driver’s license.
5) Trend – I receive my TN driver’s license TODAY
Dave note – I think it’s good to do just a basic statement of what you want. Sometimes, if I feel like I’ve done a lot of Trends, I will write a Trend saying that all of the foregoing Trends work together to get me the big picture thing that I want. But I didn’t feel like I needed to do that here.
A few final comments.
How many Trends did I run total? Well, it kind of depends on how you count them. I can see as many as 17 or as few as 12. The specific number of operations doesn’t necessarily matter, you just want to watch out for maxing out your device and, the more Trends/Operations you run, the longer it may take to “fill up” with Orgone since all of them are being filled up simultaneously.
Also, this case study is a good example of why it makes sense to “layer” related Trends. I used a mix of broad and specific Trends because I did not know the exact situation I would be walking into. For instance, I don’t know exactly why my DMV clerk went out of her way to help me. You don’t know what is in someone’s mind or heart. By layering Trends, it can provide a safety net if something unexpected happens.
As with everything, the more operations you do, the better you get at doing them. Supposedly, Jerry Seinfeld committed to writing at least one joke every single day. We would highly recommend that you commit to creating at least one new operation every single day. Over time, you will see your ability to run effective operations improve exponentially.