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Orgonite® Pyramid - Medium


Our medium Orgonite® pyramid provides excellent value to those who want a premium Orgonite® piece without breaking the bank.

Key features:

•Versatile size — easily place it any location you spend time.

•Made using a special recipe and process developed by the original inventor of Orgonite® - Karl Hans Welz.

•Made with 100 Micron 99% pure iron powder and high quality, carbon-based epoxy.

•Contains a quartz crystal point in the center just above the base.

•Most effective at amplifying positive life energy when linked with an Orgone Generator® as part of an Orgonite® Pyramid Set forming an energetic grid. 

*Please note — each of our Orgonite® pyramids is handmade and, therefore, may have small blemishes or bubbles that develop during its unique curing process. Any such idiosyncracy does not alter or reduce the function or effectiveness of the pyramid. We inspect all of our pyramids for defects prior to shipping.

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan LaFrankie
Orgone Pyramid Medium

Looks lovely on my desk. And as far as I can tell works.

David Leclercq

merci beaucoup

Jim Shane
This Is Why THIS Orgonite Is The Best Money Can Buy!

I understood the idea of layering the material that Wilhelm Reich had discovered. I also understood that the more surface area of the material, the more powerful the effect because I was familiar with the idea of putting activated charcoal in water filters. The charcoal is tiny little granules that absorb impurities and odors from the water. The more surface area of the charcoal, the more effective it is.

I looked up this search phrase - "How much surface area of activated charcoal in water filters". This is the answer - "Generally, activated charcoal has an average surface area ranging from 500 to 2000 square meters per gram." Can you imagine that?!? I'm betting the fine powder iron used in the Orgonite found here Must be somewhere in the range of 1,500 to 2,000 square meters per gram. That's almost half an acre of surface area per gram! There are several acres of surface area in each Orgonite pyramid! This is why I knew the Orgonite Carl Welz had developed was far superior to anything else on the market. You want the effects of powerful Orgonite? This is it! I have two medium pyramids along with the JU 99 Orgone generator and the structured links. I'll be getting more pyramids, for sure.

Elizabeth Denault
Orgonite pyramid -medium

I have it in the kitchen and my plants are thriving in the middle of winter!! I love my pyramids and my orgone generator!

I Love my "Medium" size Pyramid

I didn't like it at first, was gonna return it without fully unpacking it or taking the bubble rap off,ect
I was disappointed at first, when it arrive and I opned the box ,much smaller than I out pictured it to be, however it, indeed, it is substantial for its size.
I finally opened it fully and really liked the weight of it,more so and again the substantiality of the Pyramid

I think that it would be much more accurate for you all to labels these extra small, SMALL, Medium and then Large
that the small one is extra small, the Medium is really a Small one,the Large one is a MEDIUM and the 'Giant" is actually a
Large Pyramid. to Me that would be much mroe accurate, as such.

I Love my litle pyramid now,and have it on my tesla purple plates(from NA's) along with my intentions hand written 'letter' notes.
Again I Love my "Medium" sized Pyramid and wanna keep it for years to come. thank you very much for the special Sale discount
that 'sweetened the pie' for me.

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