Our Orgone Radionics™ machines provide an important advantage over traditional radionics devices – namely, a built-in Orgone energy generator that produces life force (another name for chi, prana, or universal life energy) that the operator can direct towards a desired target or intention. The result is a stronger, more energized manifestation that has a greater chance to succeed.

The primary goal in using a radionics device is to create “action at a distance” -- in essence, to influence the unified field via a “non-physical” method (e.g. an intention) to bring about a desired result. Traditional radionics machines employ a series of dials and a stick pad which an operator can use to “program” an intention into the machine. The dials are typically used to create a radionic “rate” – a rate is simply a representation of a thought, desire, or intention “locked in” to the machine (in other words, a rate is a structural/energetic link). A stick pad can be used to help find the rate if an operator is having trouble connecting with a particular intention (i.e. feeling the “stickiness” for a particular intention). Generally, a user traces his or her finger (or other object, such as a crystal) on the stick pad while turning a dial. Some users feel that using both hands engages both hemispheres of the brain (creating an “ideomotor response”) and allows deeper to access to intuitive faculties. Many radionics machines also provide a well plate where an operator can place the “witness” – an energetic link to a target or intention, such as a photograph, handwritten note, or biological sample (e.g. a piece of hair).

However, traditional radionics machines have a significant limitation – they rely solely on the innate life energy of the operator to power the manifestation effort. The primary reason a manifestation fails is lack of life energy. Simply put, most people do not focus enough life force consistently for a long enough time to bring a desired outcome to manifestation. At its core, a traditional radionics device’s purpose is to help focus the user’s life energy to connect with and bring about a desired result. Some radionics devices even attempt to provide extra energy to a manifestation effort by using crystal or electrical wiring inside the device. We believe such attempts may create “deadly Orgone” (DOR, another name for ‘stagnant’ life energy) and do more harm than good.

Only our Orgone-powered radionics machines enable an operator to actually generate and direct additional life force - apart from his or her own – to strengthen a manifestation. We believe our radionics-style Orgone Generators actually produce a continuous flow of positive life force that can be directed by the operator. Additionally, our devices are equipped with advanced radionics features, including dials, a stick pad, well plate(s), and frequency tuning capabilities. Our stick pads are made of authentic Orgonite® which enhances the devices Orgone output in conjunction with helping a user find a rate. Moreover, our device’s frequency capabilities can help create stronger energetic links with a target or intention while providing beneficial effects on the operator’s own auric field.

Simply put, we believe we have the best, most powerful radionics machines available for sale anywhere. The combination of traditional radionics design coupled with the power of an Orgone energy generator intensifies the action and sets the stage for powerful manifestations and increased results -- our radionics Orgone Generators are a new generation of Power Radionics™!


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