ORGONITE - A Brief History and Summary of What We Know


This is a perfect example of poorly made Orgonite. Note the relatively large metal shavings and decorative design - a commonly seen style in commercial Orgonite which is ineffective. Orgonite, in its effective concepts, can be traced to Dr. Willhelm Reich who layered organic and inorganic materials (wood + metal) to build Orgone Accumulator boxes which he theorized would energize those inside and around the box. He discovered quickly the more layers the stronger the Orgone (Life Force) accumulation. Thus, when Karl Welz invented Orgonite in 1992 - he deduced the finer the powder the stronger the Orgone field. A fine metal powder is best - you can make these at your home or purchase.


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  • History - Beginning in The Middle

    Willhelm Reich, M.D. was a student of the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. Reich has become popularized in the new age community in certainly played an important role in the furthering of Orgone studies, a term which he coined. 


    We can ignore Reich's strange political beliefs and personal interests and focus on what progress he made. Despite being a communist and studying some weird stuff - he is due some credit.


    Reich made Orgone Accumulator boxes with a layering of wood and metal. He found the more layers, the stronger the Orgone accumulation inside the boxes. He observed small, bright blue life forms call "bions" in proportional concentration to the strength of the Orgone field.


    Reich did not place Orgone Accumulator boxes around high electricty areas; rather he placed them in serene natural environments high in Orgone which the boxes could accumulate.


    Orgone boxes are basically an oversized weak piece of Orgonite. Reich made many claims about natural cures when one sits inside an accumulator.  He would roll over in his grave at the site of people placing orgone accumulating devices around high electricty wifi routers, smart meters, and so on claiming an "orgonizing" - he avoided these things like the plague when it came to his accumulators!



A woman in an Orgone Accumulator and note the Orgone hose which was used to direct concentrated Orgone onto a person.



Remember: Reich;

1. Was able to affect weather with his discoveries and was hired to do so.

2. Measured and was careful of DOR (deadly orgone) caused by things like proximity to radiation and power grids. 3. Found that the more layers of organic/inorganic material, the stronger the Orgone field. Lastly, most of Reich and Mesmer's work is considered quackery by the "scientism" establishment (then and now) - they attemped new experimental frontiers with study and hands on testing - their efforts at 'healing' got them in serious trouble. Mesmer's name and work is the origin of the word Mesmerize and Reich's work is carried on to this day by several mainstream institutions.


The OSHO community/cult made an Orgone Egg (shaped) Accumulator. Here is a picture of the completed Orgone Egg Accumulator at one of the OSHO compounds. Most Orgone Accumulators to Reich's design are made with Wood on the outermost layer (absorbs Orgone) and metal on the innermost layer (repels Orgone - onto the person inside the accumulator).

  • "That’s All Well and Good in Practice, But How Does it Work in Theory?"

    The end of this Historical timeline and the beginning of the modern frontier - Austrian Scientist Karl Welz invented the Orgone Generator in 1991 and Orgonite in 1992


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  • Super Orgonite

    This is a pair of Super Orgonite pieces primarily made with fine metal powder and epoxy - about a 50/50 ratio. Don't let the cheap-o Orgonite peddlers tell you otherwise, you can easily make your own at home! This Orgonite has quite a boost over regular Orgonite and is many many times stronger than Orgonite with the bulky metal chunks. The "mark" you see in each piece is not an indention, rather a built in crystal which connects the two pieces using a Structural Link


    Disclaimer - The Toxic "Gifting" Movement

    As we have repeatedly been outspoken about - the movement of "gifting" orgonite (or Orgo-not) by dumping it into natural environments or by cell towers is completely toxic and we condemn it. 

    This nonsense was started by Don Croft, likely as a mass psy op. He recently died a mysterious death - and even when he was "in hiding" took one expensive plane trip after another. Of course he used a fake name as well (real name believed to be Greenberg) to stir people into a frenzy of pollution in the name of self righteous "white lighting." The orgonite placed by a massive cell tower is contrary to Reich's findings which he studied repeatedly and rigorously - this creates DOR! Also, nature is the greatest source of Orgone - if you wish to gift something to nature there are many better alternatives; like planting a tree or picking up trash! If we make enough we will fund an initiative to pick up all the orgonite thrown across the planet by those duped by Croft and others. Experiment with it in your own home, in your yard, though please do not ever pollute the environment with it!