Wilhelm Reich History and Orgone Facts - Interview with Peter Robbins

Sensational (mis) infotainment videos on Orgone and Orgonite are all too common. Quite often I refer "chirpers" on social media and elsewhere to Reich's original works sometimes like a broken record.

I do this because Reich was a great pioneer and his work is fascinating. I studied his writings for years as a "self-educated" enthusiast and many in the Orgonite community overlook its value. His experiments and theories are packed with value despite more than 8 tons of his original works and publications being burned by way of FDA injunction!

Now, there are many who worship at the statue of Reich - and some who brazenly make claims in stark contrast to his discoveries without the slightest bit of evidence! Such nonsense like a copper coil can convert DOR to positive Orgone or that pyramid shaped Orgonite changes the Orgone physics Reich observed time and time again. In 48:40 of this interview there is a concise summary of Reich's Oranur experiments where radioactivity toxicity was greatly amplified by an Orgone Accumulator. This is especially important of the misled knock-off-Orgonite peddler and the hardened skeptic alike!

I write and repeat these things with firmness because the widespread misinformation about Orgonite has greatly tarnished its legitimacy, though only a temporary set back. Many people who promote knock-off-Orgonite do so without the slightest background information; ignoring fundamentals like DOR being created by Orgonite around wifi routers - and they promote the opposite!

I am no scientist nor do we believe that Reich had it all figured out. Naturally, his work left much to be built upon as did Mesmer's work who Reich built upon. Karl too hopes his Orgone Generator and Orgonite will become obsolete with new discoveries and advancements. Such things are impossible to achieve if we completely toss aside what's come before us without consideration. Some of the nuanced understandings of Orgone don't fit into a black and white paradigm of those looking to oversimplify the subject. For example, a very positive or focused person can convert DOR to positive orgone and also weak orgonite can pull Orgone from a positive person...

This interview is enjoyable and full of useful information. Includes Reich's troubles with the FDA, correspondence with Einstein, and weather experiments.

Be aware of the many who spread recycled falsities about Reich without the slightest bit of first hand study; Peter Robbins is undoubtedly an expert on the subject.


 *Some of Reich's findings challenge the very foundations Newtonian physics and are still studied today by many professional institutions such as the American College of Orgonomy.