Creating Effective Operations - Structural Links Applied

This is Part 2 in a three-part series covering how to use an Orgone Generator® effectively. In this article, we discuss setting up basic, powerful Operations. Topics covered include: creating a Target Link for yourself, creating basic Trend Links, creating helpful “meta-Trends” that apply to all your Operations, setting up your first Operation, and getting in touch with the Orgone output from your device. We also cover slightly more advanced topics like linking multiple Orgone Generators, using our manifestation software, and effectively using Orgonite® Pyramid Sets, Pendant Pairs, and Power Boosters.

Throughout this article, we use terminology that is defined in Part 1:

Part 1: How To Create Successful Manifestations – Life Energy, Structural Links, And Why Manifestations Fail

We would suggest reading that post and making sure you are familiar with relevant definitions prior to reading this article.

Part 3: Life Force Exercises - Learn to See, Feel, and Project Life Energy

Topics Covered:

I. Find Your Own Flow
II. Creating a Target Link for Yourself
III. Setting up “Meta-Trends” for All Operations
IV. Creating Trend Links
V. Setting Up Your First Operation
VI. Linking Multiple Orgone Generators
VII. Using the Super Manifestation Software
VIII. Using Orgonite® Pyramids with an Orgone Generator®
IX. Using Orgonite® Pendants and Power Boosters with an Orgone Generator®
X. The Art of Manifestation with an Orgone Generator®
XI. Video Walkthrough

Find Your Own Flow

We want to start out by saying that there’s no one right way to use an Orgone Generator®. Many methods and approaches can be effective. We’re going to lay out a step-by-step process for you to begin using an Orgone Generator® effectively, but we don’t want you to take what we say as dogma.

From what we’ve observed, some people use their generators very intuitively and powerfully with little to no instruction and we don’t want to destroy the purity of an individual approach. We mean that. The steps we lay out below provide a very structured, analytical way to use an Orgone Generator®. That might work for you or it might not. Not everyone is structured and analytical. So, we don’t want you to take what we’re saying as if it’s the only right way to use a generator and try to fit yourself into this box. We’re laying out the information in this article because we think it can be useful and provides good principles that you can build upon. But, find what works for you, discard what doesn’t work for you, and make your use of a generator your own. Remember that our devices are tools. And, like any tool, you will get better at using a generator with practice. So, use your generator frequently, try it out for a variety of different purposes, and test everything.

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” – Bruce Lee

Creating a Target Link for Yourself

So, you have your generator and you’re ready to start using it. One of the first things that we would suggest you do is create a Target Link for yourself. A Target Link is a structural link that represents you. By creating a Target Link, you will become connected to the Life Energy produced by your generator and will be able to run Operations on yourself. Like most people, you probably want to manifest a lot of things for yourself. As stated in Part 1, a strong Target Link is one of the key elements to creating a successful manifestation. And, since you have the ability to do so, we would suggest creating the strongest Target Link possible for yourself – an identical structural link.

To create an identical structural link to yourself, you can do the following:

•Handwrite your name and birthday on a piece of paper.

•Attach some of your DNA to the note – you can use a piece of hair, fingernail clippings, skin, blood, etc. You want to attach anything that contains your genetic code. This creates an identical structural link to you because the Target Link contains an exact match of your own genetic code that you currently possess. We personally just tape the DNA item to the note or fold it within.

•Write “Target” at the top of the note. This is not strictly necessary, but it’s useful to keep things organized since you will likely be creating multiple Trend Links. If you’re planning to create Operations for multiple people, write something like “Target 1” at the top of the note so that you can keep Operations organized as you create Trends for each Target. For instance, if you want to create a Target Link for yourself, a loved one, and a pet, you would write the name, attach DNA for each, and write “Target 1”, “Target 2”, Target 3”, etc.

•Place the Target Link in front of the silver output tube of your Orgone Generator® or on top of your generator. If you have a RAD 5 or ATG 12, then place the Target Link inside device’s Orgonite® ring. You can just place the link near the generator, but we believe placing all structural links in front of the silver output tube, on top of the generator, or in the Orgonite® ring is best.

•Turn the device on.

Now, you are connected to your generator’s Life Energy output and will receive a continuous, direct flow of Chi from the device. As stated in Part 1, we believe Life Energy transfers at any distance, without loss of energy, provided that there are sufficient structural links present to make the transfer possible. Therefore, we believe you will receive a continuous flow of Orgone to yourself regardless of how physically near your machine you are.

This is an important and often misunderstood point. We often get asked about the “range” of the Orgone output from a generator. For instance, “My house is X square feet/meters, will Y generator cover all of that space?”. We believe there is both a physical and “non-physical” aspect to Orgone. Some people report that being physically near their generator changes the intensity and “feel” of the Orgone from their device. Others say that they feel the Orgone from their device strongly when connected to it via structural link, even though they are not physically near it. Our belief and personal experience is that a strong Target Link to yourself will keep you connected to the device’s energy regardless of physical distance.

Setting up “Meta-Trends” for All Operations

There are certain ”meta-Trends” we suggest creating that should apply to all of your Operations. The purpose of these Trends is to enable you to use the Orgone output from your device in the most efficient, effective, and intentional way. These meta-Trends can be left on your device and run continuously to help direct the course of all Operations, making them more effective and successful.

•Meta-Trend #1: “All Operations are equal and separate”

You will likely want to run multiple Operations with your generator. This meta-Trend will help ensure that each of your Operations is being energized equally. You can think of each Trend or Operation as an empty glass. Some glasses are bigger, some are smaller. For instance, “win the lottery” is a bigger intention than “meditate every morning for two minutes” because it would likely take more energy to bring winning the lottery to manifestation. When you energize all Operations equally, we believe that they “fill up” with Life Energy at the same rate. This means that a bigger intention could take longer to be fully energized (depending on the “size” and number of your Operations and also on the strength of your device). Also, if you don’t energize intentions equally and separately, a “big” intention could end up taking all of the output from the device and your smaller intentions would be energized less or not at all. If you are going to run multiple Operations simultaneously, which we do ourselves and generally recommend, we would suggest you create this meta-Trend to make sure that your Orgone is going where you think it is.

To create this meta-Trend, you can just use a handwritten note. Write the phrase “All Operations are equal and separate”. Then keep that note on top of your device, in front of your device’s silver output tube, or inside the Orgonite®  ring if you have a RAD or ATG 12.

•Meta-Trend #2: “Maximum effect, minimum effort”

This meta-Trend will help make sure that the Orgone from your device is being used efficiently. It basically means “Use the least Orgone used for the most effect” - you can also use this phrase for the meta-Trend. We’ve found that, once you start using a generator for everything, you really can never have enough :) The output from our devices is not limitless. Which means you cannot necessarily use a device to energize every single manifestation as powerfully as you want simultaneously. So, you want to use the Orgone from your device as efficiently as possible. This meta-Trend helps do that.

To create this meta-Trend, you can just use a handwritten note. Write the phrase “Maximum effect, minimum effort” or “Use the least Orgone used for the most effect”. Then, somewhere on the note, write “Applies to all Operations”. Then keep that note on top of your device, in front of your device’s silver output tube, or inside the Orgonite®  ring is you have a RAD or ATG 12.

•Meta-Trend #3: - “Ground unwanted consequences”

It’s possible to get what you want, but not like how you got it. We like to call this the “genie rule” – be careful what you wish for. For instance, say that you would like to manifest a large sum of money quickly. Then, a close family member dies leaving you an inheritance or a bank robber drops off a large sum of stolen cash on your doorstep as they run from police. Technically, you got what you wanted. But you probably wouldn’t like the way in which you got it. This meta-Trend basically means “Negate unwanted or unintended consequences”. This meta-Trend is designed to help you get what you want in a way that would be acceptable to you.

To create this meta-Trend, you can just use a handwritten note. Write the phrase “Ground unwanted consequences”. Then, somewhere on the note, write “Applies to all Operations”. Then keep that note on top of your device, in front of your device’s silver output tube, or inside the Orgonite®  ring if you have a RAD or ATG 12.

Creating Trend Links

A Trend is the planned effect or desired result/outcome of a manifestation. Basically, a Trend is your intention or what you want to occur. A “Trend Link” is a structural link representing the Trend of your manifestation. A good Trend Link is an essential element for a successful manifestation.

There are a lot of ways you can make a Trend Link. You can use a written intention, picture, symbol, vision board, etc. – really, anything that represents the desired effect, result, or outcome of your manifestation. A written intention is one of the easiest ways to create a Trend. For instance, if you want to do some work, you could write “energy, focus, motivation” and set your device to 14.1 Hz. If you want to sleep well, you could write “deep, peaceful, restful sleep” and set your device to 7.83 Hz. You could also use a picture of something that you want – a car is a good example. Let’s say you want a specific type of car. You could take a picture of that exact car with the intention that you (the Target) get it. You could even write an intention on that picture that you get that car. Another Trend Link you could use is a photograph. Let’s say you want to be more present and mindful and you associate Eckhart Tolle with that state – you could print out a picture of Eckhart and use that picture as the Trend Link because of what he represents to you.

Whenever you create a Trend, do your best to “imprint” your vision or emotion relating to a Trend into the Trend Link as you create it and place it near your Orgone Generator®. What exactly do you want? How does it feel to have it? Visualize and feel what you want and put that image/feeling into the Trend Link as you create it and initiate the Operation. Doing this can create a stronger energetic connection with your desired effect, result, or outcome.

On your Trend Link, you can write “Trend” to specify that it is a Trend and not a Target. However, it’s not essential that you do this, especially if you are creating Trends only for yourself and know that you are the Target and that the Trend Link represents the Trend. If you are creating Operations for multiple Targets, then it could be helpful to specify which Target a Trend Link is for to keep things organized. For instance, if you are targeting yourself and another person, you could write your name and “Target 1” on your own Target Link and the other person’s name and “Target 2” on the other person’s Target Link. Then, you could write “Trend for Me/[Your Name]/Target 1” on Trend Links for yourself and write “Trend for [other person’s name]/Target 2” on Trend Links for the other person.

Setting Up Your First Operation

Now that you understand how to create a Target Link for yourself and you know how to create Trend Links, you are ready to set up your first Operation. Remember, an Operation can be defined as:

Target (represented by the Target Link) + Trend (represented by the Trend Link) + Life Force (provided by your generator)

We recommend creating your first Operation to target yourself. When you create an Operation, we recommend that you approach the process with a clear, neutral mind. This means that you should not be overly emotional (angry, upset, etc.) when you create an Operation. The reason for this is that excessive emotion (particularly negative emotion) can be imprinted into the Operation and “spin out” into the universe, potentially causing negative “feedback” in the Operation. So, do your best to create from space.

For your first Operation, we recommend targeting yourself with an “energetic” Operation. While it can vary by person, we believe that creating a more energetic Operation can help you feel the output from your device more quickly and easily. Though we believe that our generators work regardless of whether someone believes in their power, feels the Orgone output from their device, or even knows that our devices exist, we find it is much more enjoyable to feel the energy coming from a device.

So, we would suggest doing the following:

•Create a Target Link for yourself – we strongly recommend creating an identical Target Link for yourself as described above. So, handwrite your name and birthday on a note and attach something containing your DNA to the note. Put the Target Link on top of your device, in front of your device’s silver output tube, or inside the Orgonite® ring if you have a RAD or ATG 12.

•Create a Trend Link with energetic Trends for yourself – one of the easiest ways to create your first Trend Link is a written intention. So, you could write a note that says something like “feelings of high energy and physical vigor, alertness, extreme motivation”. Feel free to use words that work for you. If you have a native language besides English, write the intentions in your native language if you’re more comfortable doing that. Basically, we want you to target yourself with Trends that will increase your energy and alertness and are probably less subtle than more calming Trends (like “deep relaxation” etc.). Put the Target Link on top of your device, in front of your device’s silver output tube, or inside the Orgonite® ring if you have a RAD or ATG 12.

For the frequency of the Operation, we would suggest going with a frequency associated with energy and vigor. This could be a frequency you personally associate with that or one that others do — for example, 14.1 Hz, 20 Hz, 32 Hz, etc. We think 14.1 Hz is a good one to start with, but you can check out our frequency list if you want other suggestions. Also, you can write the frequency on the Trend Link as well. So, you would write something like “feelings of high energy and physical vigor, alertness, extreme motivation @ 14.1 Hz”.

•Set aside dedicated time to create your first Operation and get in touch with the energy - we would strongly suggest setting up this Operation at a time when you are alone, not stressed, don’t have a million tasks to deal with, when your body and mind feel good, and when you’re able to really "feel your body." Times that usually work well are early in the AM, in the evening once your mind has quieted from the busy day, or after a light workout (a walk, some cardio, maybe some light weight training) when your blood is pumping and you can feel energy movement throughout your body. We would recommend taking at least 30-60 minutes to sit physically close to your device. Also, we suggest only running this single, energetic Operation on yourself and not have other Operations running simultaneously – this will ensure that all of your device’s Orgone output is focused on you and the energetic Trends targeting yourself.

Work on quieting your mind and body — you can meditate, lie down, or just sit quietly. Breathe. Feel your “inner body” — the energetic body just beneath your skin that is always present. You create your own Life Energy by virtue of being alive — go into your inner, energetic body and feel your own energy. Work with it, move it around, feel your own vibration. As you tap into your own Life Energy, you will begin to feel the energy from your device as it saturates you. Go into the energy created by your device, feel its depth and movement, work with it, move it around your body, and combine it with your own. Once you begin feeling your device’s energy, you will continue to feel it more and more strongly. We believe that if you follow these steps carefully, you will easily feel the positive, almost electric energy coming from your device.

If you have already been using your device for a while and keep it on 24/7, then you may want to turn the device off for a while in order to perform the above steps and feel the full effect. We believe that when a device is left on, it “saturates” the surrounding area and anyone nearby with Orgone. This can lead to you not being able to feel the Orgone output from your device as strongly as when you first turned it on. We make the analogy that it’s like getting into a hot tub – at first, the water is very hot, but then you become accustomed to the temperature. In the same way, over time, you become accustomed to the Chi energy generated by a device. Some people feel the output device very strongly for the first few hours or days after first using a generator. But, when they become saturated with Life Energy, the initial feeling becomes more muted. Don’t worry – the generator is still pumping positive Life Energy and you are still getting all the beneficial effects! And, as will be discussed in Part 3, there are ways to run Operations so that you feel the Orgone output more strongly even if you keep your device on all the time.

However, if you want to start fresh with your generator, we recommend performing the following steps:

•While your generator is still on, create a structural link that says “Cancel all Operations and ground all Orgone”. Place this link near your generator and leave it for a few minutes. This will negate all Operations that you’ve been running and dissipate the Orgone output from the area.

•Turn off your generator. We recommend turning it off for at least a few hours – leaving it off overnight is probably a good idea. You could even leave it off for a couple days.

•Then, follow the steps laid out above to re-connect with the output from your generator.

By giving yourself and the surrounding area time to “un-saturate” from the Orgone that’s already been produced by the device, you will be more sensitive to it when you become saturated again.

Linking Multiple Orgone Generators

As we said before, the Orgone output from our devices is not unlimited. We believe the amount of Orgone output is the most important aspect of our machines – the more Orgone output, the more Operations you can energize simultaneously, the more things you can manifest quickly. In general, our devices are priced based roughly proportional to Orgone output – our more expensive devices have more Orgone output which means you can use them to energize more powerful manifestations simultaneously.

Many people purchase multiple Orgone Generators. Some people start with a smaller device, see the beneficial effects, and decide to get a more powerful model. Some people want to energize multiple Targets (themselves, loved ones, entire locations like their home, etc.) and Trends at the same time and realize they need more output to do everything they want to do. The Chi energy from our devices has so many uses that, once you start using a generator for everything, you realize that you want as much Orgone output as possible.

One of the most powerful things you can do is link multiple Orgone Generators with each other. By linking multiple generators, you combine their Orgone output in a way that potentially makes the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

There are two primary ways to link Orgone Generators:

•You can place them next to each other so that the devices are touching each other;

•You can link them via structural link.

Linking devices via structural link is fairly straightforward. Most of the people in the company have multiple devices and most of us use a structural link to connect at least some of our devices. This can be very useful if you want to keep generators in different rooms in your home or in different locations altogether. To link devices, you simply create an equivalent structural link between the devices.

One way to do this is creating two notes containing the same string of numbers and letters (similar to a “barcode”). For example, you could write down “AA00H8L9” on two pieces of paper. Circle and underline the code on each piece of paper. Place one of the notes on or near one generator and place the other note on or near the other generator. This will create a structural link between the two generators, combining their Orgone output. You could also create Trend Links for both generators that says “link my [device model] with my [other device model]” and place the Trend Links on each generator. In essence, this would create an Operation linking the two generators. Karl himself has a large number of generators in his home and uses a fairly complex system of structural links to link groups of generators for various purposes. But, this process does need to be complex and we would recommend keeping it as simple as possible for yourself.

Using the Super Manifestation Software

Our Super Manifestation Program is an extremely powerful tool that we feel is often underutilized. The Super Manifestation Program is software that makes the process of creating powerful Operations much easier and available on your computer. In essence, the software enables you to define Targets and create Target Links, define Trends and create Trend Links, and connects to your generator via structural link to direct the output from your generator to energize those Operations. Without the software, you need to create Target and Trend Links by hand – in our experience, most people do not print out many pictures or other images and so many people default to using written intentions for most Operations. With the Super Manifestation Program, you can upload any image file into the software, making it much easier to create a variety of different types of structural links (for instance, a Target Link for your home created using Google Earth). In essence, the manifestation software functions as a “virtual vision board” that directly connects to your Orgone Generator®. Additionally, you’re able to save your structural links so that you can build up a catalog of your Operations over time. This can be very useful if you are testing out a variety of different Operations (which we recommend) and want to track results and hold onto the Operations you got the best results with. Also, the software has a number of advanced features relating to a variety of manifestation methods (e.g. astrology) which we will explain in detail in another post and videos detailing all of the software’s features.

Perhaps the most powerful feature of the Super Manifestation Program is the library of “Trend cards” created by Karl himself that come pre-programmed with the software. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Karl is probably the most skilled operator of an Orgone Generator® who has ever lived. After all, he invented the machines and has rigorously tested and used every type of generator (and all combinations of multiple generators) for almost 30 years. To enable people to use a generator more easily and effectively, Karl created a library of pre-programmed Trends that anyone with the software can use. In essence, Karl “imprinted” a variety of Trends (desired effects, results, or outcomes) into digital structural links that are available with a few clicks on your computer. These Trend cards are immensely powerful and we have personally had fantastic results using the Trend cards in lieu of using Trend Links created by ourselves.

These pre-programmed Trends include: a “love” trend, financial success, good fortune, and many, many more. Let’s take the “love” trend as an example. Love is an extremely powerful state of being that can be useful in a variety of situations. Please note – we don’t recommend running an Operation on another person without their knowledge and consent. However, if you wanted someone to have deep feelings of love, compassion, and understanding for you, you could set up an Operation in the software in which that other person is the Target and the Trend Link is the “love” Trend card created by Karl. We have seen this sort of Operation work in a variety of situations with great effect.

We recommend considering the Super Manifestation Program if you have an advanced or heavy duty Orgone Generator®. We do not recommend you get the software if you only have an entry-level generator – simply put, we believe your money is better spent getting a more powerful generator instead of the software. Please note – the software technically only runs on a non-Mac PC. However, it is possible to run the software on a Mac via a virtual machine on your Mac (e.g. Parallels or VMWare Fusion) or on a cloud-based virtual machine (e.g. Google Cloud). At the company, we all have Macs and run the software 24/7 using these tools.

Using Orgonite® Pyramids with an Orgone Generator®

We recently launched our line of Orgonite® pyramids and think they can be an incredibly useful tool when used properly. Our pyramids are made of Orgonite® and, therefore, each functions like a “magnet and battery” for Life Energy - they attract, store, and amplify ambient Life Energy and pass that energy on to the surrounding area. Our pyramids were specifically designed to be used in sets of multiple pyramids linked to an Orgone Generator®. Though an Orgonite® pyramid by itself can be useful for accumulating positive Life Energy, their utility is exponentially magnified when linked to an Orgone Generator®.

When we make a pyramid set, we create a structural link between all of the pyramids in the set. Each pyramid set contains a small pyramid that is the “anchor” – in essence, this small pyramid is designed to be placed on your generator, in front of the generator’s silver output tube, or in the Orgonite® ring if you have a RAD 5 or ATG 12. Placing the small anchor pyramid on or near your generator automatically links all of the pyramids in the set to the Orgone output from your generator.

Once the pyramids are connected to an Orgone Generator®, the pyramids become energized with a continuous flow of positive Orgone energy. In essence, the pyramids directly accumulate the Orgone output from the generator. The result is an “energetic grid” of continuous positive Life Energy powered by the generator – each pyramid becomes an “Orgone lamp” that radiates with pulsing Orgone energy. This can be incredibly useful if you want to fill different rooms in your house or different locations with Chi energy and don’t have multiple generators or you do have multiple generators but don’t want to put them in separate rooms.

Additionally, you can create an Operation for the entire pyramid set or multiple different Operations for individual pyramids. Let’s say, for instance, you have a set of three pyramids and want to meditate in the middle of them. You can create an Operation to improve your meditation and use the pyramids to help power and enhance that Operation. In this example, you would be the Target of the Operation and the Trend could be something like “deep meditation, Zen-like state, No Mind”. And you could choose a frequency for the Operation that is associated with improved meditation – for instance, 4.9 Hz. Once you place the Target and Trend Links for that Operation on your generator, along with the small anchor pyramid, you would be energized with the Orgone from that Operation and the pyramids themselves would be energized with the Orgone from that Operation at the specified frequency and pass that energy on to you in the middle. Since the pyramids accumulate the Orgone output from a generator, they function as a “well” or “tank” of Orgone energy that your Operation can further draw upon to enhance its power.

Now, consider a situation where you want to run multiple different Operations to individual pyramids in a set. Say, for instance, that you want to place a single pyramid in different rooms in your home and you have a different intention for the energy in each room. In one room, you want focus and do work, in another room you want to relax, in another room you want to feel energetic and work out, etc. You could set up a separate Operation for each intention and link individual pyramids to each Operation. An easy way to do this would be to create a Trend Link for each intention and place it under the pyramid in the room where you want to manifest that specific outcome. So, for instance, you could use a note with a specific intention written on it (e.g. “focus and productivity) and place that note under the pyramid in the room where you want that desired result. Since each pyramid is already linked to your generator, placing the Trend Link under the pyramid will energize that Trend and send the Orgone output of that Trend to that pyramid.

Another way you could structure this set-up would be to place all of your individual Trend Links on or near your generator and include a “barcode” (as described in the section on linking multiple Orgone Generators) on each Trend Link. Then create additional notes, each one listing one of the barcodes on the Trend Links. Then place one of the additional notes containing a barcode under a pyramid in the room where you want the desired result. There are other ways to effectively create this type of Operation as well, but these examples demonstrate the power, flexibility, and utility of linking an Orgone Generator® with an Orgonite® pyramid set.

Linking Orgonite® Pendants and Power Boosters with an Orgone Generator®

Our Orgonite® Pendant Pairs and Orgonite® Power Boosters work similarly to the pyramids. Both Pendant Pairs and Power Boosters are structurally linked by us when they are made. The Pendant Pairs and Power Boosters are designed to be portable and easily connected to a generator. Each Pendant Pair can be linked with a generator by sliding one of the pendants onto a generator’s silver output tube, placed on top of the generator, placed in front of the silver output tube, or placed inside the Orgonite® ring if you have a RAD 5 or ATG 12. Power Boosters can be linked with a generator by sliding the booster portion onto the silver output tube of an advanced or heavy duty generator or placing it inside the Orgonite® ring if you have a RAD 5 or ATG 12. Once one of the linked pieces is placed on or near a generator, it directly accumulates the output from the generator and automatically passes it on to the linked pendant. In essence, the Pendant Pair and Power Booster are each a pre-made structural link. As with the pyramids, you can link a Pendant Pair or Power Booster with a specific Operation or simply stay connected to the energy from your device. Since you now know how to create a variety of structural links, neither a Pendant Pair nor Power Booster is essential to keeping you linked to your generator or to run Operations. However, they are an easy-to-use option and a very good choice to give to loved ones who will not be operating your Orgone Generator®.

The Art of Manifesting with an Orgone Generator®

As stated before, our devices are tools that become more and more useful as you learn to use them effectively. Manifestation itself is an art. “Art” necessarily involves the intentional application of Life Energy. Saying “the effortless art of..” is a phrase that fundamentally makes no sense. So, we would recommend that you embrace the creative challenge of harnessing the immense power of our devices. If you do so, we believe you will find that what you can accomplish by combining your own Life Energy with the Life Energy of our generators will increase exponentially.

One particular area to consider is how to frame your Operations. Consider testing out whether a broadly stated intention works better than a more specific one. Or the effect of using multiple related intentions centered around a common goal that you “stack” together in an Operation. Be mindful of the structural links you use and which ones seem to work best. And, take note of how much Orgone output you think an Operation will require and whether your results match your estimate and intentions. Different Operations require different amounts of Life Energy and we think our generators work best when they work with existing momentum. With enough energy, anything is possible. But consider where you have existing momentum in your life and try to work with that and not against it.

Overall, enjoy working with your generator and always test your manifestation goals with reality. The entire universe is at your fingertips.