Orgone Generator

PFC 2000 DL Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator™ brand frequency device)


PFC 2000 DL Advanced Orgone Device

The PFC 2000 DL is an advanced Orgone energy device with the largest range of frequency settings of any device we offer. The PFC 2000 DL is the most cost-effective Orgone Generator® for those who are interested in knowing the precise frequency of the device.

The PFC 2000 DL is equipped with three dials that can be used to set the frequency for the device’s Orgone output, which can range from 0.6 to about ~1000 Hz. The device has a built-in digital frequency display which shows the precise frequency to two decimal points for frequencies under 100 Hz (e.g. 7.83 Hz) and one decimal point for frequencies above 100 Hz (e.g. 136.1 Hz).

The PFC 2000 DL’s dials can also be used for radionics operations to connect with the desired trends and targets of your radionics operations and lock in radionic rates. Each dial has settings of 0 - 100, allowing 1 million settings of the device. The device comes with a stainless steel well plate where you can put the structural links of your operations (e.g. a photo, handwritten intention, etc.). Additionally, the PFC 2000 DL has a stick pad made of Orgonite® that can be used to help find the rate if you are not exactly certain what rate you should choose for a specific operation. Some users find that using both hands to find a rate engages both sides of the brain and improves the effectiveness of operations -- this is called an ideomotor response. 

The PFC 2000 DL can be linked with either an Orgonite® Power Booster or Orgonite® Pendant Pair to enhance the device’s output and promote energy transfer. Simply turn on the PFC 2000 DL, slide the Power Booster or rectangle Orgonite® pendant onto the silver output tube, and keep the round Orgonite® pendant in your pocket. The Power Booster/rectangle Orgonite® pendant creates a “structural link” with you and the device, enabling you to receive the Orgone output from the PFC 2000 DL wherever you are in the world!

All of our products are made in the USA and all Orgone Generators come with a 5-year limited warranty. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for first purchases of an Orgone Generator® under $800 (see our Terms of Use for details).

*Please note -- the PFC 2000 DL and PFC 2400 HD look almost exactly the same. The differences are that the PFC 2000 DL does not have audio input capabilities and the PFC 2400 HD has more Orgone output than the PFC 2000 DL which is why it is classified as a “heavy duty” device.

PFC 2000 Deluxe Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator®) 

Key Features:

•Orgone output - Advanced

•Most affordable device with digital frequency display

•Continuous frequency settings ranging from 0.6 - ~1000 Hz

•Dials can be used for radionics operations

•Orgonite® stick pad

•Stainless steel well plate

•Silver output tube

•LED light

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Trenton Riddick
God told me they aren't allowed due to mind control

So the craziest thing happened and I prayed one night and asked God to help and to forgive me for everything thats bad happened and promised to always put him first and he talked back to me and said it wasn't you that he changed me and I don't do bad things but I didn't know who I was because I've never been able to think and he said I've never been able to think on my own and he let me think and the first thing I did was put him first and I've always been under mind control and the only one to prove you don't play with consciouses but he knew that I would pray when the time was right and that I'm Simba from the lion king. He then said don't you think like rafiki says in the lion king. He said it doesn't matter it's in the past but then confused me he said I will never forgive you like woody in the toy story and says he never forgives people and wants to keep targeting me for as long as possible to keep world from being here. He said that the world wasn't here and that I'm the only one here consciously and that God is every one to prove he can do everything. He then told me to remember who you are but I'm the best person in the world when I had thoughts as a kid and then he kept from thinking and wanted to change me to try and see if he could make me have bad decisions at times and that I never have had a conscious and he started keeping me from being here meaning I was always starring in to space and not able do anything anymore because no one was here besides me so if they couldn't be here then I couldn't be here and that everyone is artificial intelligence to prove that you don't make it and he says he is suppose to put everyone here and tell them everything which is crazy because no one will no anything not even the governments because they have never been here either and then tell them who I am because I was the only one in the world that was here and I didn't know it but the world revolved around me and that I was always targeted since I was a kid and he has to put the world here but he had to make a world but until them I'm supposed to keep getting targeted he said to prove you don't target. I have no idea what to do. He pretends as target individuals. He also made the movie chronicles of Riddick and my last name is Riddick. I hope it is God but not sure if it extraterrestrials in a different dimension but he controls the way you feel and makes me feel really bad at times because are DNA is in between dimensions and can't see it. He has been talking to me nonstop where I can here but no one else and claims you don't make voice of God. He said he made up the bible so people would no who he is but said he made a new one to explain everything once he puts the world here and tells everyone who I am and could confuse me and said I'm suppose to be king or a God and put the world in my name and it's like the song in the lion king I can't wait to be king but promises me that I'm Simba and very soon he wants me to take my place in the circle of life. I knows it sounds crazy but he said after what he did to me he wants me to be here. At times he played with my conscious and I've always been under mind control and does to me and only me to prove you don't do it. He said I could not think so everything was supposed to be hakuna mata meaning no worries but if you can't think you never worry about anything and it's suppose to be hakuna mata for everyone once they are here and promises to never play with anyones conscious again. I know I sound crazy for posting if he really is every one but I don't know what to do because he says doesn't want to put the world here. He also made the movie Aladin and said he is suppose to change the world because I've always been targeted and it's suppose to be a whole new world like the song a whole new world. And he made Oliver and company why should I worry why should I care but says I would have been the best person ever but he changed me as a kid and promised I would have never drank alcohol or done anything bad and that he knows I would have been the best person in the world and no one knows but he said I was going to be the smartest one in the world so he chose me and has always kept me from thinking he had to help me type this because I can't think and he tells me what to say and says I always been artificial intelligence and controlled and didn't know it so he kept me from being here to make me the most unsuccessful person in the world and have nothing to prove you don't play with consciouses but say he will eventually put the world here but until then I have no idea what he says I have no idea who I am but promises me I'll know one day and you have know idea how awesome it is to be able to think because he let me think for a minute and I had no idea what wrong with me but then kept me from thinking again and said it wasn't time. He says I have know how important I am to the world and he wants people to know who I am and what's happened.

Trenton Riddick
God told me they aren't allowed due to mind control

then kept me from thinking again and said it wasn't time. He says I have know how important I am to the world and he wants people to know who I am and what's happened because he said he keeps me from remembering anything and deleted my memories as a kid and wanted to make sure I knew nothing and promises I would have been the smartest person in the the world and my IQ was one of the highest he has ever seen but he made the movie the lion king to prove he knows everything and that I'm Simba and wants to tell the world who I am but that the world wasn't here and the government started controlling the media and weather along time ago and even had me wondering if chemtrails were real but says they aren't and things get materialized in a different rafiki says in the lion king the weather very particular don't you think and said he's alive I should be dead after what's happened to me and no one only has bad things happen to them but says it's because I've never had a conscious.He also kept me from feeling things because he wanted me to also be artificial intelligence and control me because it's the worst thing to do to someone and made it where I couldn't love anyone and would really like to one day just like the song in the lion king can you feel the love tonight and it even says in the song the world for once in perfect harmony with all its living things and the world is going to be amazing because everything bad will be gone and everyone will be here and I will be here again to take my place in the circle of life. Then I. The lion king 2 there is a song that says we are one but the governments have always been against each other but it go to one world and everyone be one big family and to always love each other all because I got targeted and promises to never target anyone again.

Jerome Rhett (Verified)
So far so good,

I like it thinking about up grading to heavy duty version does it have an instruction guide?

Ray Mccutcheon
Excellent product

Yeah representative was a great guy great to do business with his name was Jordan

Mohammad Farid
PFC 2000 DL

Should have bought it much earlier. I bought JU99 1.5 years ago.
Only now decided to upgrade and it have lots of difference. Still playing around with 1Hz to 10.5 Hz.
Imagine it can goes 1005Hz.
This experimental Orgone Generator thus makes a world of difference in Orgone energy. I have been playing and spending with ornamental orgonite for over 5 years from different makers.

I strongly believed and felt the energy the generator gives out is pure and subtly soft and calm.
Used it for water and food charged with orgone , and basically anything to essential oil, the results,fantastic.
Already thinking going for Performer 2400 in near future.
Big Thanks to Orgone and the late Mr Karl in inventing machine for good help for anyone to use.Appreciated.

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