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AO 2000 Aqua Optimizer LIVING WATER Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator™ brand frequency device)


The AO 2000 Aqua Optimizer A special dual purpose Orgone Generator® - A step above the AO 1100 with similar design and function.

It revitalizes water and it charges revitalized water with life force (chi energy).

All of our products are made in the USA and all Orgone Generators come with a 5-year limited warranty. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for first purchases of an Orgone Generator® under $800 (see our Terms of Use for details).

The Story of Water - Water is the stuff of life.

You can think of Water as a living being. When it comes from the spring, it is truly alive, it is the stuff of life, it enlivens! Water is living when coming from clean springs then continues in healthy rivers all the way to the ocean, and you can consider the ocean itself as being the largest living organism on the planet.

We all know that we are 70% water and we know that we cannot live without it. Therefore the water we drink certainly should be the stuff of life.

It is obvious that what we should drink is living water, pure and healthy as nature provides it, ideally containing as much life force as possible.

This certainly is not the water most people drink!

Destruction of the natural state of water (literally killing it) by mistreatment and pollution has been one of the earliest sins of humans. Such destructive behavior usually went hand in hand with the establishment of large population centers. Naturally then, such large cities were a breeding ground of numerous diseases, such as epidemics of typhoid fever and cholera, that resulted from abuse, mismanagement and overuse of water. These days city tap water is saturated with endocrine disruptors, pharmaceutical pills, birth control (estrogen), and even radiation.

Water was no longer the stuff of life. Already in antiquity, quick fixes for water were part of the civilization and, as in our days, they did not quite take care of the real situation and, in the worst case scenarios, even aggravated the problems. We know of cultures that perished as a result of overuse and abuse of its most precious resource, water. What we get today is water which, before processing is undrinkable in most cases.

Results of water mismanagement in many rivers is plainly visible: Fish from these waters show increasingly signs of disease, especially various cancers, and some rivers are biologically dead, with the exception, perhaps, of being breeding grounds of bacteria and algae. There are rivers that have no other function except for being sewers and chemical runoffs at the same time.

What humans do to water


  1. Humans destroy the natural flow of water by damming it up, straightening rivers, piping, etc. (re. Schauberger) much of which, considering the large populations, seems necessary. Alternative technologies that enliven water while it comes to us have been developed. It can be done and there is little incentive, or political will, to do so!


  1. Chemical pollution, which is the only type pollution of which most people in our days are aware. In fact, the bulk of “quick-fixes” are attempts to take care of this problem.

Water is

  • Polluted by agricultural runoff (fertilizers, insecticides, animal waste, etc.)
  • Polluted by “dilution” of industrial wastes, heavy metals, PCB’s, Ketones, solvents, and many other chemicals
  • Polluted by waste waters from cities that are poured into the river after having been processed to levels that are considered to be “safe” for the river


  1. Pollution by “safe levels” of radioactivity

In some areas water is additionally polluted by radioactivity (in “safe” doses, of course)

Those are well-known factors of pollution, and most people are well aware of the fact that there is something deeply wrong with the water that they drink.

  1. Pollution by EMF: This is a form of pollution of which few people are aware. It is the result of the "memory" of water.
  1. As if all that which we mentioned above was not enough, there is more to worry about than “just” the pollution by chemicals or radiation. This is a problem that results from a characteristic of practically all matter, which is especially strong in water: Water is a carrier of information, it has a “memory”. Therefore most water that we drink is carrier of the noxious information of pollutants to which it was exposed, no matter how elaborate the “quick fixes” are. Experimentally it has been shown that such information is present even after extensive double distillation procedures (which, by the way, kills water).

The knowledge that water has a “memory” is quite old and now widely proven scientifically. Long ago, humans found this out as a result of practical experience, and they developed a multitude of methods and techniques to attach such information to water. By now we know that such memory can easily be explained as the direct result of the ubiquitous existence and function of life force, of its negative entropy and of the resulting structural links.

In fact, this important characteristic of being a carrier of information is more pronounced in water than in most other matter that we know. This is so, because unlike other carriers of information, such as crystals, water can be ingested with ease.

This means that water is programmed negatively every time when it connects with specific situations or substances, such as pollutants of a chemical nature, mistreatment of a physical nature such as undue pressure and wrong piping (Victor Schauberger demonstrated considerable weakness resulting simply from this type of wrong treatment of water), and it keeps carrying this noxious information. Especially in recent times the impact of electromagnetic pollution became a very powerful contributing factor to the noxious programming of water.

This programmability of water is certainly a disadvantage when it comes to clearing up the pollution: Distillation or reverse osmosis, in a lesser degree filtering, gets rid of most material pollutants, while there is no impact upon the noxious information that this industrially processed and then purified water is carrying. Before and during the process of industrial “purification” to create tap water, it is also exposed to massive electromagnetic frequencies; one of its effects is the generating of DOR (deadly orgone).

On the other hand, the “programmability” of water turns out to be an advantage, when it comes to the removing the noxious information. In fact, with the right tools for this purpose, such as the AO 2000, this can be done with ease. After the removal of this noxious information from processed water, you can use its characteristic as carrier of information to re-vitalize it again to its original state of being the substance of life, which water is supposed to be.

Attempts to correct the situation:


Quick Fix #1: Tap water


Chemical, bacterial, etc., pollutants are so strong that industrial processing of the dead and heavily polluted river water into tap water is a must. In this process, many of the worst pollutants are removed, chloramine (worse than chlorine) is added to kill bacteria and “healthful” fluoride is added as forced a medication for all, whether people need it or not. In fact, it is well known that fluoridation of water is a cheap, even lucrative, way to get rid of an industrial waste product.


This industrial processing is the poorest of all patch-ups. In this type processing, the worst chemical pollutants such as heavy metals are filtered out down to levels that are considered “safe” for human consumption. Various additives such as “protective chlorine” to kill bacteria and “healthful fluoride” (speak: forced medication for all!) give it a bad taste, so bad, in fact, that most people do not want to drink it. This situation helps pad the pockets of soft drink companies, of course.


Is it drinkable?


Nobody in his or her right mind drinks that stuff. Tap water is a far cry from pure living water as we can get it from a clean spring.


Ask the people who are purchasing bottled water what they think of tap water! And most other people still do not know, for one reason or another, just how much there is wrong with the tap water that they drink, and that these problems are of a scope which is massive indeed!


The next step - Beyond tap water: Removal of the “safe levels” of heavy metals and noxious chemicals, removal of chlorine and “healthful” fluoride.


This sad situation led to other quick fixes of additional water filtering.


Simple filters get rid of most of the heavy metals and chlorine, while such filters cannot get rid of the “healthful” fluoride.


Distillation and reverse osmosis remove most substances, including fluoride, which at least makes a chemically pure product. As a consequence of these processes, the natural minerals (trace minerals) in water are lacking as well. Good mineral supplements are indicated in this case.

The next step - Beyond purified water


To the various brands of bottled water traces of mineral salts, which the promoters of those products call “electrolytes”, are added. Further processing to enhance the taste of water includes “ozonating”, “oxygenating”, “alkalizing” (adding traces of baking soda or sodium chlorite, which is bleach in plain English), and more.


This purified and processed water is not living water, of course-- it is still dead. Moreover, the noxious information from chemicals, EMF pollution, etc., is still attached. In our test, you will soon get the evidence that such water simply does not have the taste of living water.


The next steps – beyond reconstituted water


The next step is removal of noxious information and, in most cases, adding to the water its original information. Especially when water has been exposed to industrial processing, polluting, EMF pollution, etc., it is important to cancel out all that negative programming and to revitalize it with beneficial properties. The result of this work is a marked difference in taste. This is water that began to be alive again. The taste buds speak a clear language in this case!

By now, the fact that water is a carrier of information, which was a disadvantage in the process of successive pollution, turns out to be an invaluable asset.


Humans knew about this characteristic of water long ago and they have used it throughout history. Just think of the “holy water” in churches, the power of the springs in holy places such as Lourdes, and homeopathy. There are various effective methods to achieve these results, i.e., the removal of noxious information and replacing it with something enlivening and positive. Revitalized water has the characteristics of water as it is supposed to be. What such water still lacks is life force.


Although controversial in the eyes of many (including the soft drink industry), such treatments are valid attempts to get rid of “imprints” of noxious materials (we talked about the “memory” of water before), and some of them can also bring water back to its natural, living, state.


In brief, most of these methods make water drinkable, even addictive.


Another increasingly popular method: Charge reconstituted water with life force

Distilled water or other reconstituted water is put into an orgone accumulator or put next to an orgone generator®. With this method, water is saturated with life energy. This water energizes the person who drinks it. The water tastes much better and most people feel the energy boost right away. Usually the noxious information is removed only partially. For this reason, the typical orgone water has a very slight bitter aftertaste.


The AO 1100 Aqua Optimizer, AO2000, and more powerful Orgone Generators combine the best of the last two methods.

When charging purified water, the aforementioned Orgone Generators:


 Remove the noxious information,

 Replace it with the original, beneficial water information – as if it came from an energetically      healthy mountain spring, and

 Saturate it with life force


That’s exactly what we mean when we talk about living water. Everything else is second best!



Living water that is charged with life force (Chi energy) stays fresh much longer as a result of significant microbiological changes towards a healthy environment


A taste that's excellent, to the point of being addictive

A softer "feel" when you reach into it

A powerful feeling of being energized after you drink it

A better taste of food and drinks and longer life

It enhances the growth of plants.  This is plainly visible: stronger plants, more blossoms and larger and better tasting fruit, and more beautiful flowers.

Living water is longer fresh,  It can even save you laundry powder.

Being saturated with life force, it keeps helping the environment even after use

living water is longer fresh  It is attractive to animals. Especially dogs and cats feel attracted to water that has been revitalized by means of saturation with life force

Most important of all, you have a lot of energy after you drink it!

You can make living water (water that has been revitalized to its natural energetic state and saturated with Chi energy - life force) with ease:  Simply put a bottle of water of your choice (store bought or filtered) on top of the new AO 1100, AO2000 and stronger Orgone Generators for a few minutes or less. Then enjoy.

*Super Orgonite® Pendants sold separately

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael Brown
Best combination for H3O2

When we combine one thousand negative ions with our water charger and Orgone we get the best gravity wave

Thomas Foreman
Charging vape pens and food items

I've been charging up mmj vape pens (to tame some of the burning throat sensations), Gatorade protein bars (works better with parchment paper), ~5 grams of vitamin c in bottled water and flicking the on/off switch, mmj moonrook in Panakos Hypertonic water (glass jar) to make a type of non-harsh tasting "broth"...I don't drink alcohol but, I think it could rapidly improve a bottle of wine. A semi-frozen bug (with mmj vape in it from before) (on some toilet paper tissue), had more life in them (after being in the charging plate a few times) to crawl around my room quickly...

Daniel D'Apollonio
Great Customer Service

The Generator is great, water gives me a feeling of wellbeing when i drink it. The shipping and delivery was extremely quick also, 10/10 for that category.

James Turman

As soon as the AO 2000 arrived I set it up and placed a plastic bottle of distilled water on it. About four hours passed and the plastic bottle leached into the water, I could taste it. So now I only charge my water with glass bottles. I love the taste and so do my dogs.

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