The Nuclear Commission, Conspiracidiots, and Orgone - Not What You Think

Here's the problem - 

The NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) is right about a couple things.

Before I go further, my Etsy store was one of the first to be taken down by the NRC. I don't blame Etsy and I am no fan of bureaucrats. That said, the conspiracies floating around may be worse than the NRC in some ways.

It was made clear that the NRC was after people using the terms Quantum, Scalar, EMF Protection, and ion.

BTW, did you know you can no longer by negative ion generators or ozone (not orgone) generators in California? Insane.

I am speculating that the NRC got some heat about a lot of the 5G rumors going around. People (including orgone knock off sellers) making claims that the 5G towers will microwave our organs, etc. I'm not ruling that out - I just haven't seen that it's true. I also don't ever worry about chemtrails, EMF soup, etc - I will explain later, but you can take a guess.

Reich studied and found that an Orgone Accumulator when placed around radioactive material caused people to get sick. He also never placed Orgone Accumulators around high EMF areas - only in pristine natural environments. An Orgone Accumulator is effectively a massive piece of weak Orgonite. Logical deduction from his studies would conclude we should not be placing plain Orgonite on Wifi routers, power meters, etc. He called the resulting output DOR or "Deadly Orgone."

Now, my bone to pick with the knock off Orgonite sellers is that this is exactly what they promote.

"Buy our orgone pyramid and place it on your wifi router to help with those nasty EMF's."

If they've read or believe Wilhelm Reich or Karl Welz for that matter, they would not be saying or promoting this. They are either ignorant, or spreading misinformation.

To truly "block" EMF's one would need a faraday cage. Those "Orgonite debunked" videos are true in this sense - a piece of wood equally "blocks emfs" as an Orgone pyramid.

There have been misinformation artists and/or others attempting to fool the average reader - by conflating Orgonite and an Orgone Generator. Orgonite does not generator orgone! It only accumulates it. This is the central lie which many knock offs promote directly and indirectly.

Everything's not always black and white so don't misunderstand my position - well made orgonite is great in the right environment and the orgone generator is much better in every environment. It may take some study and reading between the lines to nail down what exactly works and why. Remember, Orgone is a relatively new for all of us.

For more information on Reich's studies with Orgone and radioactivity, read this:

My understanding is that the NRC will not mess with us if we avoid certain claims. Lets hope that's the case. And in the mean time, let's all avoid knock offs conspiring and making unfounded claims as well.

Here is the popular video which brought attention to the matter. I appreciate the attention this video got, and almost half of what he says is true ;) (so mostly misled) but I think he means well...