Post Malone and Orgone - Curse

"Universal laws are universal laws because they are universally agreed upon" - Dr John Whitman Ray.

Famous pop star / rapper Post Malone is making major headlines this week after the main stream realizes he has been cursed.

Beloved "Posty" had a rough go of it with;

A. The tires bursting on his private jet flight.

B. His Rolls Royce being totaled.

C. His former house being broken into - the burglars looking for Posty, Austin Post.

All of these within several months after his appearance on Ghost Adventures when he flirted with the world's most haunted object - the evil Dybbuk box.

For the type of people who come to our site, and for really anyone with an ounce of independence, evidence of the paranormal and supernatural can be found by the payload. 

After all, why do you think it's called super - natural? These phenomenon and technologies are indeed just that, supernatural.

The truth is stranger than fiction, and there are more objective realities than particles in the known universe. 

We can chew on that while looking at Post's situation. The object is undoubtedly cursed, by every sense of the word. Challenge your skeptical neighbor to go touch the object if he's so confident the 'supernatural' is a myth.

I had a conversation with someone recently about the power of collective focus. If enough people believe it, and it works - do you need the scientists and experts to tell you it's real?

Believe me, they'll be here measuring and testing to tell us "what happened" long after the world has been changed. The scientists indeed with the 'big bunk theory' have a perfect explanation of the universe - they just need one free miracle and the rest is a cake walk. Think about it... 

If enough people request it we'll do a documented clearing of Posty and see if we can't get him back right with the world.