ORGONITE - What's Will Smith Got To Do With It? A Thorough History and Explanation

Now that Orgonite has become a popular alternative and new age item - those who have sincere interest must take note of its true origin and effective use. Indeed, Willhelm Reich was a pioneer and made significant progress in his life and studies - regarding Orgone. Of course, he was written off as a "quack" and barely pushed the boundaries of pseudoscience in the minds of today's "experts."


The first rule of any new concept is experimentation. The Orgone accumulation many can feel and measure. A quick read of Reich's original published works (what's left of them) will walk one through his discoveries and logical deductions. In summary;


1. Orgone is a pervasive energy that can be stored, transferred, directed, and accumulated.


2. Orgone is high in areas of natural flow and abundance - a serene environment outdoors is where Reich placed his devices to accumulate the most, pure Orgone.  A synthesized environment which replicates the conditions of a high orgone environment (i.e. Orgonite and Orgone Accumulators) works just as well.


3. Lifeforms when lacking in Orgone or stagnant accumulate "Deadly Orgone" which Reich described just as it sounds.


4. Reich once placed a radium needle (radioactive) inside one of his Orgone Accumulators. He says the entire town got sick! He attributes this to DOR -- and he never placed Orgone Accumulators around powerlines or other high EMF areas. Thus, Orgonite is not simply a "super good vibes only" magic device as the alternative healers want you to think! Read a summary of the Oranur experiments here.


5. Orgonite is easy to make at home. With 2-3 hours of reading and research, you can be better learned than 75% of the Orgonite peddlers selling bogus crafts from exploited third world countries.


History - Beginning in The Middle


Willhelm Reich, M.D. was a student of the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. Reich has become popularized in the new age community and certainly played an important role in the furthering of Orgone studies, a term which he coined. 


We can ignore Reich's strange political beliefs and personal interests and focus on what progress he made. Despite being a communist and studying some weird stuff - he is due some credit.


Reich made Orgone Accumulator boxes with a layering of wood and metal. He found the more layers, the stronger the Orgone accumulation inside the boxes. He observed small, bright blue life forms call "bions" in proportional concentration to the strength of the Orgone field.


Reich did not place Orgone Accumulator boxes around high electricty areas; rather he placed them in serene natural environments high in Orgone which the boxes could accumulate.


Orgone boxes are basically an oversized weak piece of Orgonite. Reich made many claims about natural cures when one sits inside an accumulator.  He would roll over in his grave at the site of people placing orgone accumulating devices around high electricty wifi routers, smart meters, and so on claiming an "orgonizing" - he avoided these things like the plague when it came to his accumulators!


Back to the Beginning - Franz Anton Mesmer


If you've ever been mesmerized by a beautiful performance than you are familiar with Mesmer's works.


In fact, Franz Anton Mesmer, a German physician born in 1734 was the first to build an Orgone Accumulator under a different name. Many years before Willhelm Reich, the idol of choice for the "alternatives" (read: main stream). 


The alternatives, of which I am one in the true sense, have been duped by malicious corporate interests and/or others who actively spread misinformation in the orgone community - to distract from true "activism" (much different than protesting, 'resisting', and other hysterical nonsense).


Mesmer talked about a natural energetic transference that occurred between all animated and inanimate objects that he called animal magnetism.


Anyone who thinks this is much different than Reich's Orgone needs a basic lesson in logic.


Mesmer performed experiments with iron and magnets and made wooden barrels filled with iron shavings to accumulate "Orgone" and his words - animal magnetism. He would hold a metal rod sticking into the barrel to absorb the accumulated energy.


Mesmer is more famous for his experiments in which he captured the attention of an audience in a trance by moving an object 


Mesmer was on record as dissatisfied with the approach to medicine that was current at the time – a combination of bleeding, purgatives and opiates that was often more painful and terrifying than the conditions it sought to treat. Another quack! Seems there is some pattern here!


In studying and practicing animal magnetism, Mesmer would hold the attention of an audience with consistent rhythmic movements (swinging pocket watch) as this 'mystical force' enthralled the audience and filled the room.


In closin, Mesmer was undoubtedly the first scientist who built a life force accumulator in this format - to energize the individual with life force - and did so some 150 years before Reich, also a great pioneer


Remember: Reich;

1. Was able to affect weather with his discoveries and was hired to do so.

2. Measured and was careful of DOR (deadly orgone) caused by things like proximity to radiation and power grids.

3. Found that the more layers of organic/inorganic material, the stronger the Orgone field. Lastly, Reich and Mesmer are considered quacks and charlatans by the establishment (then and now) - they attemped new experimental frontiers with study and hands on testing - their efforts at 'healing' failed and only got them in serious trouble.


That’s All Well and Good in Practice, But How Does it Work in Theory?

The end of this Historical timeline and the beginning of the modern frontier - Austrian Scientist Karl Welz invented the Orgone Generator in 1991 and Orgonite in 1992


As you study and make the intriguing experimental substanceof Orgonite; be aware of charlatans and misinformation artists. Those such as Don Croft claim that he "channeled." Just because we naturally have interest in things which are outside of the realm of mainstream science, does not mean we can abandon scientific methodology. In fact, those of us who reject mainstream "scientism" must hold ourselves to a higher standard of scrutiny, discernment, and commitment to truth, IF we ever wish to make sincere progress towards what can be an impactful new discovery. Further, making and experimenting with Orgonite is a wholesome hobby which can be enjoyed regardless of age, income, or location - just make sure to have ample ventilation!


More so, anyone with an interest in Orgonite and Orgone can enjoy and build upon the findings of our predecessors. Notably, if Reich was concerned about "Deadly Orgone" when placing an Orgone accumulating device around power lines - why would one encourage young activists to go and throw pieces of Orgonite into power grids? This is counterproductive - and is also littering.


Those interested in pursuing Orgone more deeply - who we made this site for - should take consideration not to just follow the crowd of the "counterculture" in desperation to reject the mainstream culture. Independent consideration of the Orgonite theories will lead one to;


Seek a constant supply of Orgone in conjunction with Orgonite (Reich used nature). You can now use an Orgone Generator!


When making Orgonite - use a fine metal powder, the finer the better. Wear all recommended safety gear and make Orgonite in a well ventilated area. (Instructional Video Below)


There is a ton of readily available content from the Originators of the craft available. We can draw upon their discoveries and mistakes.


Here's Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner making inferior grade Orgonite...Of course you can ignore all the Hollywood mumbo jumbo hype alongside their hobby: