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Trend Cards are extremely powerful and and are an easy way to make your manifestations faster and more effective. We think of Trend Cards as "cheat codes" to manifesting and use them daily.

We selected over 160 of the most powerful Trend Cards that we use the most and have had the most success with. You can access all of these Trend Cards immediately and start using them today!

When you check out, you will see a button where you can immediately download all Trend Cards.

Additionally, you will receive an email with a download link (be sure to check your spam folder if you do not see the email).

Our Trend Cards are divided into eight (8) separate packs:
1) Business/Money
2) People Skills
3) Romance
4) Attack/Defense
5) Energy
6) Super Learning/Intelligence
7) Legal
8) Gambling

Below are two videos from our Youtube channel that explain in detail how to use Trend Cards effectively.


Customer Reviews

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Good card

Douglas Foley
Trend Cards

I will get back to you and give you a review on the train cards. I just bought the performer 2400 I just received it opened up took another box but I’ll give you my review on the train cards when I use them with the performer, I like the idea.

They work. Get them.

Interestingly, I printed up a few of the Trend Cards before unboxing my Rad 5. I directed some intentions towards them and kept them in my pocket during the day. Even without the Rad 5 the behavior of certain people towards me was expressed in alignment with the cards. If you’re going to purchase a device from Orgone Generator, there’s no rational reason not to get the Trend Cards as well.

Marko Plenkovich
Fantastic addition to Weltz machines

This cards help in daily work.
Very well done.

Very good trend cards.

very good cards. They really work, I'm working on them and doing experiments.

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