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The Freeze


THE FREEZE is a method/technique for making a certain type of manifestation more powerful.

What type of manifestation?

Any manifestation where you want to STOP a Target from doing something. The Target could be you OR someone/something else.

So, if you want to stop yourself or someone/something else from doing something, then THE FREEZE may be useful.

The method is simple but not obvious. After you watch THE FREEZE video, you will be able to perform one easily, but we doubt anyone would think of the technique without the instruction (it took us 10+ years to discover it!!).

Our goal is to enable you to experience and utilize the full power of our Orgone Generators. THE FREEZE is a powerful tool that we use daily and that’s why we’re sharing it.

This method has never been shared publicly before. 

Customer Reviews

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Since I used this in conjunction with Trend Cards it’s hard to tell what did the trick (I wasn’t using it in isolation) — but it certainly seems to be a very solid way of securing an end in conjunction with Trend Cards. Kudos to Orgone Generator for excellent instructional videos.

Drago Buricevic
Victory set

This is the most incredible tool available.
I was misled by one Youtuber toward so called Dr.Thor, but his devices are worthless.
Pyramids+orgone machines do what is needed.
Thank you

They Freeze, it works

I am surprised with the results of this technique, I continue practicing daily to improve.

Paul Kings
Utterly Amazing

I knew The Freeze would amaze me, to the extent before I actually tried the method I wasn’t quite sure. Now after performing my own Freeze technique I am utterly amazed. The power and hold it has on the chosen Target is beyond anything I have ever seen before. When they say “The Freeze” they were not kidding. I feel it is something to truly appreciate and enjoy. I feel total control of my operation even more. I will use the Freeze Frequently. Worth every dollar I spend to get it. You guys never fail to impress me.

Monique Ivory
Touch Down!

Worked perfectly.

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