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The Freeze


THE FREEZE is a method/technique for making a certain type of manifestation more powerful.

What type of manifestation?

Any manifestation where you want to STOP a Target from doing something. The Target could be you OR someone/something else.

So, if you want to stop yourself or someone/something else from doing something, then THE FREEZE may be useful.

The method is simple but not obvious. After you watch THE FREEZE video, you will be able to perform one easily, but we doubt anyone would think of the technique without the instruction (it took us 10+ years to discover it!!).

Our goal is to enable you to experience and utilize the full power of our Orgone Generators. THE FREEZE is a powerful tool that we use daily and that’s why we’re sharing it.

This method has never been shared publicly before. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
David Strickland
Not to bad

I just started working with the Freeze technique and so far its working pretty good.

Phoeby Sheldan
immediate results

If you follow and apply the instructions diligently, you can achieve some worthy results quite quickly! Powerful stuff!

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