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4 Large + 1 Small - Orgonite® Pyramid Set


Our Orgonite® Pyramids are most effective and beneficial when they are part of an Orgonite® Pyramid Set that is linked with an Orgone Generator®.

When connected with an Orgone Generator® via a “structural link”, our pyramids become energized with a continuous flow of positive life force, creating an “energetic grid” that fills the surrounding area with positive Orgone energy. This can supremely energize your auric field and create a pulsing Orgone “bubble” to protect against stagnant energy and negative frequencies in the surrounding environment and enliven the room.

Each Orgonite® Pyramid Set includes a small Orgonite® pyramid that acts as the “structural link” between an Orgone Generator® and the other, larger pyramids in the set. By placing the small pyramid on your Orgone Generator® or in front of its silver output tube, the small pyramid links the Orgone Generator® to the larger pyramids in the set, ensuring that all other pyramids receive a continuous flow of positive Orgone energy that is passed to the surrounding area.

The 4 Large + 1 Small Orgonite® Pyramid Set is excellent for someone in a large location who has a heavy duty Orgone Generator® and wants powerful coverage of the area.

Each pyramid is made with 100 Micron 99% pure iron powder and high quality, carbon-based epoxy using a special recipe and process developed by the original inventor of Orgonite® - Karl Hans Welz. Additionally, each pyramid also contains a quartz crystal point in the center just above the base.

Recommended range and uses:

•4000 - 7000 sq ft (372 - 650 sq m)

•For use in large homes, offices, or on small farming plot (up to 1 acre / 4,047 sq m)

Recommended devices to link with the 4 Large + 1 Small Orgonite® Pyramid Set:

•RAD 2400 HD Orgone Generator®

•Performer 2400 HD Orgone Generator®

*Please note — the full set is not shown in the current product photos, only an individual small Orgonite® pyramid and individual large Orgonite® pyramid.

*Also note — each of our Orgonite® pyramids is handmade and, therefore, may have small blemishes or bubbles that develop during its unique curing process. Any such idiosyncracy does not alter or reduce the function or effectiveness of the pyramid. We inspect all of our pyramids for defects prior to shipping.

**Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for shipping after order is placed**

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