Sad to say that many people now see the abundance of "infotainment" videos created by other-than-well-informed individuals about Orgonite and Orgone.  Many of these people mean well though the misinformation can leave an interested observing wondering whats real and whats not.

We encourage those interested to ask analytical questions and to take everything here with a grain of salt. Orgone Generators are a new discovery and Orgone is still a developing field of interest.

The good news that Orgone is not a recent garage-lab pseudoscience, it has been studied for many years and is written about by many experts and professionals.

To have a better understanding of Orgone one can start with Wilhelm Reich's books - they are easy to come by and packed with information on Orgone. He is the originator of the word "Orgone" - though many cultures have called the same energy by a different name throughout the years (prana, chi, mana, life force).

If interested, make sure to read his actual books - not one of the colorful characters on the internet summarizing him in a video. Many mix truth with falsehood on such videos, so observe accordingly if you must.

Reich performed thorough experimentation and with Orgone and the Orgone accumulator. Karl Welz used Reich's concepts in inventing the Orgone Generator and Orgonite.

Here is a modern group doing great research into Orgone:

Specifically their research and development pages:

The accumulator they mention - is antiquated compared to the generator. When we have more time we will meet with this group further, as it is we believe they are not yet allowed to endorse our products because of bureaucracy in the scientific community. They made their life energy meter in accordance with Reich's directions - somewhat improved. 

We use their orgone meters fairly regularly. More videos showing Orgone Meters measuring the Orgone put out by our generator will be released soon. Here's one clear straightforward test showing the impact of the Orgone Generator over knock off Orgonite:


 Here's a recent video I made with a TDS meter - the effect is clear and can be repeated. One can measure well Orgone Generator at home with plants and of course do the double blind water experiment:


Those who buy our devices are not the type to be fooled by a placebo. In order to afford the higher end devices one cannot be a slouch or dimwit. In fact, many of our clients are doctors, lawyers, business leaders, politicians, writers, and other influential figures of consequence. Of course many are 'dreamers' like myself who know full well there is more than meets the eye in this life. The devices are have a profound effect on the lives of many.

Here is a white paper outlining the Orgone and Radionics concepts. Our devices are quite a bit more advanced than whats described here though this gentlemen does a good job diagraming and explaining two critical concepts to our machines - Orgone and Radionics:

Lastly from the man himself, here is more of the history of the devices and some of the scientists who inspired their creation:

One notable mention is Franz Anton Mesmer, the German scientist whose namesake is the origin of the word "Mesmerize"- this is a common word with widely accepted origins. Funny, most are unaware of where it came from - and that t he individual directly influenced the "orgone generator" and wrote about orgone by a different name "animal magnetism". He even filled barrels with Iron shavings to accumulate life energy - not to different from a piece of Orgonite.

Here is a video where I mention three main stream sources to verify many of the concepts we discuss:

Other notable persons to study are Dr. Albert Abrams, Thomas Galen Hieronymous,  Korschelt, Lahkowski, and Gregg Braden.

The evidence is overwhelming in support of our devices and we will continue to release experiments and external verification. 

All of our reviews on are verified through ETSY and show just how well our devices work - not a single review below 5 stars!


"Beverly Rubik, PhD, is a biophysicist and is president and founder of the Institute for Frontier Science in Emeryville, California. She has authored dozens of scientific papers regarding the human biofield, psychotronics, psychic healing and other aspects of cutting-edge science. Here she discusses the history of the field of psychotronics that originated in Czechoslovakia. Essentially, the field deals with nonlocal interactions between the human mind and various forms of instrumentation. Today, psychotronics includes such areas as dowsing, radionics, and radiesthesia. In addition, Dr. Rubik shares her own research concerning shapes, such as pyramid structures. She suggests that psychotronics can offer valuable insights concerning the mind-matter interface."