Orgone Generator

Super Orgonite® Power Booster for Advanced Orgone Generators


Power Booster with connected pendant "structurally linked" to power booster - boost the output of advanced, non-HD devices, and pendant is a direct link to that device.

For use on the following Orgone Generator models: RAD 2000, PFC 2000, LPOG 2400 DL

*This can work with the JU99 and JU1000 though does not 'sit well' when mounted on the device - better off allocating towards a bigger device. You can still use though will need a book or some support to stay mounted.

More about Super Orgonite:

Certainly the BEST PRICED and HIGHEST QUALITY Orgonite® Pendant available on the market - made of the highest quality Orgonite® available using a top secret SuperOrgonite recipe by the inventor.

This is worth hundreds of pendants of the same size; if those pendants using big chunks or anything other than fine metal powder. Think; Dr. Reich experimented thoroughly and concluded that --- the more layers the stronger the orgone field.

High Quality Epoxy
100 Micron 99% Pure Iron Powder
Quartz Crystal Point
Copper Powder
Secret Ingredients

Why then; do so many use thick big chunks (cheaper) in their Orgonite® pendant knock-offs? One can use simple logic; The Orgonite® you will feel here per square centimeter has effectively thousands of "layers" due to the fine metal compared to maybe a few layers in other pendants with thick chunks? You'd receive a stronger orgone field than those knock-off competitors simply by sitting in your own house; or car; or from a normal book or offline computer (copper, glass, wood). Better; a tree.

These of course contain a nice Quartz crystal piece. Karl Hans Welz when he invented Orgonite® in 1992 had quartz inside; despite false claims by Don and Carol Croft otherwise. You can understand why Croft; yet to even understand the basic tenants of Dr. Reich's work some 50 years ago; and yet to add any sincere value to society; might claim such a thing.

This genuine piece of Orgonite® is made by its one and only inventor; we guarantee you will enjoy it as so many others have and we will take 100% of returns for up to a year - as long as the product is in good condition and not tampered with. Understand in addition to the secret recipe of this powerful Orgonite®, you will be connected in that a worldwide matrix of Orgone enthusiasts also have these pieces of Orgonite® - a strong vortex and statement indeed.

Disclaimer: All of our products Orgonite and Orgone Generators are radiation-free and not associated with nuclear, quantum energy, scalar, ions or radioactivity in anyway. Any perceptions that these items will protect against radiation are false. Let it be known that the use of the word "Scalar" in conjunction with any new age products is a misnomer. The turning signal in your car produces a scalar wave and scalar is defined as representable by position on a scale or line; having only magnitude. While there are many forms of energy known and unknown scalar is not what many people online attribute it to be. Further, to truly block EMF's your cellphone would not work and you would have to use a Faraday cage. As we consistently make very clear these devices are experimental technology only and are not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease whatsoever. Any claims of healing are false.

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Super Orgonite Power Booster for Middle of the Line Orgone Generators