You can download the Charge with Life Force Trend Card here:

Charge with Life Force 

The Trend Card is a JPEG file. When you click the link, the file will open in a new browser window. Once it opens, you can save the file to your computer or mobile device.

To print the card, we recommend you copy the downloaded file into a Microsoft Word document (or other word processor doc). You can re-size it in the document, then print it.

If you haven't already, check out our video on where to place the card to energize the gasoline in your vehicle:

Use Orgone to Increase Gas Mileage?

You can also use this Trend Card to energize yourself, pets, plants, water, etc.

The full pack of Trend Cards can be found here:

All Trend Cards

We recommend you check out our other videos on Trend Cards as well. Trend Cards are extremely powerful and an easy way to increase the effectiveness of an Orgone Generator.

An Introduction to Trend Cards

Using Trend Cards - Practical Examples and Instructions

If you have issues downloading the JPEG file, please send us an email.