Dr. William Tiller on Human Potential (Video)

Dr. William Tiller first gained widespread popularity on "What the Bleep Do We Know?" and has a degree in engineering physics, a masters in applied science, and was a professor at Stanford. Dr. Tiller Wrote "Psychoenergetic Science: A Second Copernican-Scale Revolution" and "Science and Human Transformation" as well as a number of other publications that challenge just about every foundational assumption of the "mainstream matrix" which so many subscribe to religiously.

In the below five minute clip, Dr. Tiller covers things such as:

A. The modern definition of consciousness barely cuts it. His theory is that consciousness and awareness are symptoms of spirit entering dense matter, for which one must build and develop infrastructure.

B. Chi is magneto-electric energy; the counterpart of EMF which can be moved consciously or unconsciously. He also references studies which demonstrate acupuncture meridians as critical nodes in spirit meeting dense matter.

C. The unconscious mind has a million times the information handling capacity that the conscious mind does. A scientific fact which grounds ideas like 'we choose our own reality' and 'we attract whats inside our DNA/subconscious' by way of the subconscious mind feeding bite-sized experiences to the conscious mind per its capacity to process them.