Introducing long time Orgone Generator expert, Tobias Beharrell. Tobias is a host of our site, a proud representative and expert in Orgone Generator technologies, and a community leader + point of contact.


Tobias and the Team work with individuals and groups around the world, actively pursuing the boundaries of thought and perception to illuminate the mysteries of the physical world and consciousness.

Tobias is a widely known educator committed to the reintegration of ancient practices, knowledge and culture into our time.   A perpetual truth-seeker and inquisitor of spiritual diversity, true nature and origins, he was called in 2005 to participate in a project featuring a worldwide collective of truth seekers including Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu, peace activist Fatima Gailani, bestselling authors Julia Cameron and Marianne Williamson, Reverend Tamara Siuda, and spiritual leader ShantiMayi.  The result was a deep and lengthy introspection that ultimately gave him the courage and passion to speak about his experiences with ancient cultures, offworld species and history.  His ultimate desire was (and is) to help others find their true origins, strengths and abilities so that they are abundantly prepared for the future.

After being told repeatedly by psychics in the 1990's that he would come to communicate with "all things in all languages" his journey accelerated in 2012 when he  began to actually experience a reawakening of his subconscious mind and what was stored within it - including several ancient languages, dialects, abundant memories,  and information.  He has since been on a non-stop mission of developing step-by-step spiritual activation and interactive enlightenment via various platforms, technologies and strategies which have ties to the very ancient cultures, people and civilizations from which they - and indeed all of us - originate.

In 2015 he publicly released four short presentations of several non-human languages on Youtube as well as launching  Within one year his presentations shot to the top world rankings for keywords "alien languages" and "e.t. languages" and now out of over 1 million results on Youtube for these terms his remain in the #1 position.  "E.T. Languages" holds worldwide Google rankings of #1 and #2 positions out of 282 million results worldwide.  The popularity of these topics fuels Tobias to continue this work every day, including his continued development and practice of various advanced techniques that prove to be effective tools in the journey toward wholeness.

Continuously learning and improving these methods by means of concentrated study, direct applications and contact with adepts far and wide Tobias continues to work building bridges between the conscious and subconscious minds in the journey toward balance.  He now helps to educate individuals and groups around the world, actively pursuing the boundaries of thought and perception to illuminate the mysteries of the physical world and consciousness.  He is a frequent speaker and guest across several spiritual and alternative radio networks and is a frequent guest host for the long-running Journeysradio show.


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