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Super Manifestation Program - Manifestation Software For Use With Orgone Generator®


As is the case with the Radionics Device, the purpose of the Manifestation Program is to condense and abstract desire or goal into a blueprint for manifestation.

The manifestation program takes your goals and desires into physical form. Much like the popular vision boards, mind maps, dream boards, treasure maps, etc. The Manifestation Program is much more advanced than these dated techniques. The program provides the dreamer tools to create a manifestation operation with great specificity - using rotating images, text, frequencies, sounds, and physical arrangements. The Orgone Generator is directly connected to the program - adding an entirely new dimension.

Every manifestation operation requires specificity and more importantly - life force. This is why weekend seminars are so effective for some; the energy of the group powers the individual in their desires and goals - often consecrated into a document, action plan, mind map, etc. Using the Orgone Generator there is no comparison - your manifestation has a 24/7 supply of targeted magnetic life force working for you and your outcome. The consistent flow of energy onto your program can quickly empower your desires to come to fruition in your life.

Manifestation Ultimate Programs are designed to help you to:

Get Assured Success Faster and Easier
Targeted Results that are Effective and Far Reaching
Just set it up, connect it with your Orgone Generator®, and Enjoy!

The Manifestation Ultimate for your PC - Connects instantly to your Orgone Generator with your unique transfer card provided.

The Super Manifestation™ Program - Startup Screen:

Load existing files or templates
Set up programs with up to 22 Positions
Import images from web, computer, or phone
Design you own programs and templates
Define the basic function of each position in a template
Emulate any other manifestation program, radionics program, etc.
Describe the specific function in the program
Determine sequence of orgone transfer from position to position
Install specific sound in each position
Set radionic rate in each position, if desired
Edit positions of a template any time
Export function to exchange templates and programs with other users
Set any desired background
Define location on screen of each position
Set timer when the program is to operate
Run many programs simultaneously

As with all of our products, the program is made in the USA and customer support is provided.

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Super Manifestation program

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