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PFC 2000 DL Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator®)


Precision Frequency Control 2000 Deluxe Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator®)  

The PFC 2000 DL is an advanced Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator®) with precise frequency tuning capabilities. The PFC 2000 DL is the most cost-effective Orgone Generator® for those who want the ability to set specific frequencies with complete precision.

The PFC 2000 DL is comprised of Super Orgonite® contained inside protective plastic casing. The Super Orgonite® is charged with an electromagnetic pulse via proprietary circuitry inside the device, creating a continuous stream of Orgone energy that is emitted through the silver output tube.

The PFC 2000 DL is equipped with three dials that can be used to set a precise frequency for the device’s Orgone output, which can range from 0.6 to about 1000 Hz. Each dial has settings of 0 - 100, allowing 1 million settings of the device. The device has a built-in digital frequency display, which can be switched on and off on the back panel.

Alternatively, the dials can be used in traditional radionics fashion to connect with the desired trend(s) and/or target(s) of your radionics operation(s) and lock in a radionics rate for up to three different abstractions (or more with added structural links). The PFC 2000 DL has a stick pad made of Super Orgonite® that can be used to help you find the rate if you are not exactly certain what frequency you should choose for a specific operation. Some users find that using both hands to find the rate engages both sides of the brain and improves the effectiveness of operations -- this is called an Ideomotor response. The device also comes with a stainless steel charging plate (beamer plate) where you can put the structural link(s) to the target(s) of your operation(s) or link(s) to specific desired effect(s) or trend energies.

The PFC 2000 DL can be linked with a Super Orgonite® Power Booster to increase the device’s output. The PFC 2000 DL can also be linked with a pair of Super Orgonite® Pendants to increase output and enhance energy transfer. Simply turn on the device, slide the rectangle Orgonite® pendant onto the silver output tube, and keep the round Orgonite® pendant in your pocket. The pair of pendants create a “structural link” between you and the device, enabling you to receive the Orgone output from the PFC 2000 DL without loss wherever you are in the world!

Like all of our Orgone Generators, the PFC 2000 DL is designed and handmade by Karl Welz, the original inventor of both Orgonite® and the Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator®).

All of our products are made in the USA and come with a 5-year limited warranty. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all purchases under $800 (see our Terms and Conditions for more information).

*Please note -- the PFC 2000 DL and PFC 2400 HD look almost exactly the same. The differences are that the PFC 2000 DL does not have audio input capabilities and the PFC 2400 HD has substantially more Super Orgonite® charged by an electromagnetic pulse than the PFC 2000 DL which is why it is classified as a “heavy duty” device.

Orgone Generator® vs. Orgonite®

Though some people mistakenly refer to Orgonite® pieces as “Orgone Generators”, there is an important difference. True Orgonite® is basically a smaller, more powerful version of Wilhelm Reich’s original Orgone accumulator. Reich’s Orgone accumulator - made of layers of wood and metal - was designed to “capture” ambient Orgone energy in order to concentrate it around a person, thereby passing on beneficial energy to the person inside the accumulator. Reich found that the more layers of organic (wood) and inorganic (metal) material present, the stronger the Orgone field. The key is that layering harbors and concentrates a dynamic between the organic and inorganic material (analogous to feminine and masculine, Yin/Yang) that causes the accumulation of Orgone -- the more layering, the more interaction, the more Orgone accumulation.

Orgonite® is also made up of layers of organic and inorganic materials. We use high quality epoxy (carbon-based) for the organic material and fine iron powder for the inorganic material (we use iron because we believe it resonates with the iron in the human body and blood). Using fine iron powder means more surface area for interaction to occur between the iron and the epoxy. So, in essence, our Orgonite® is made up of thousands of layers of organic and inorganic material. Like Reich’s original Orgone accumulator, Orgonite® accumulates and stores Orgone energy -- like a life force battery. But, due to the intense layering effect, our Orgonite® is much more effective at accumulating and amplifying Orgone energy than the now-primitive Orgone accumulator.

It’s important to note -- not all “Orgonite” is created equal. You can find many people selling colorful pyramids and elaborate-looking pieces designed to make for nice home decor and ornate jewelry. A good rule of thumb -- if you can see the layers, you’re looking at weak Orgonite. Visible layers are often due to the use of large metal shavings versus fine metal powder. Don’t be fooled -- it’s a mathematical fact that fine powder provides more surface area for interaction (and, therefore, more Orgone will accumulate) than metal shavings! Our Orgonite®, with its thousands upon thousands of layers, is equivalent to a “building full” of weaker “Orgonite” pieces made with visible layers of metal shavings.

In contrast to Orgonite®, an Orgone Generator® does more than accumulate Orgone -- it actively produces a continuous stream of Orgone. An Orgone Generator® contains Orgonite® which is energized and activated by a specialized electromagnetic pulse via proprietary circuitry inside the device (and inside the orgonite itself). This process has been shown to actually generate life force versus merely passively accumulating ambient Orgone like Orgonite®. Given that it continuously produces Orgone, an Orgone Generator® is thousands of times more powerful than a standalone piece of Orgonite® (even a high quality one like ours). An Orgone Generator® represents a quantum leap from Orgonite® -- like a computer to a typewriter.

Orgone Radionics™ vs. Traditional Radionics

Our radionics style Orgone Generators represent an important advancement in radionics technology.

Radionics is focused on creating “action at a distance” -- in essence, influencing the morphogenic field/simulation/quantum field from a distance to impact a particular set of circumstances.

Traditional radionics machines attempt to achieve this via a series of dials and a stick pad which an operator can use to set his or her trend/target into the machine, creating a radionic “rate” (i.e. a structural link). This rate is simply a solidified representation of an abstraction - “locked in” using both left and right brain to solidify the thoughtscape.

Often, an operator will use other items - such as a crystal, picture, or written message - instead of the dials to establish the structural link with the trend/target. However, traditional radionics instruments rely solely on the life energy of the operator to energize the trend and target and perform a successful operation. At most, a traditional radionics device might contain crystals or electrical wiring with the goal of providing extra energy to the operation.

Our Orgone Radionics™ devices provide an important advantage over traditional radionics machines -- namely, they contain a built-in life force generator that actually produces Orgone (also called chi, prana). Therefore, an operator is able to utilize additional life force (“psionic power”) apart from his/her own and direct it towards the desired trend/target. A radionics-style Orgone Generator® intensifies the action, leading to a more energized operation that has a greater chance to succeed.

The combination of traditional radionics design and Orgone physics sets the stage for powerful operations and increased effects - a new generation of Power Radionics™!

For more insights about the use of structural links and life force, we recommend that you study the information on the Structural Links Explained page.

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Here is my experience with 3 months of the Orgone Generator

I’m absolutely amazed, in complete awe, of the magic that has transpired in the last 90 days since beginning my journey with the Orgone Generator.

My life has totally transformed. It’s hard to explain because the energy that resonates through this technology is something to be experienced.

Here are a few examples:

I set the intentions to find my perfect dream house ~ and within days, it appeared, almost by magic. It looks like a castle! Nestled in the forest. It was a foreclosure, and we got it for 50% off the value of the house. We are moving in 3 weeks! Between setting the intention, finding the house, and moving in, is less than 2 months! This does not happen in a major metropolitan city anywhere.

I set the intentions to earn more money - and now, 3 months later, my financial situation has completely transformed and today I got a job opportunity with the company of my dreams! I can work remotely from home and earn more money than ever before. This year I expect my income to be significantly higher than last year! I will keep you posted :)

I set the intentions for clarity and vision for my music - and I have it now, after feeling “stuck” for years - I feel free to create. I have collaborations lined up and I will be recording my music to release this year.

I feel like since using the Orgone Generator, I have more OOMPH and energy behind my dreams and visions. I feel less scattered. My intentions hold power. And I’m so grateful!! Thank you so much Nick, you’ve been so helpful and kind. Thank you for sharing the wonder of the Orgone Generator with me. I truly feel like the trajectory of my life has changed. It’s becoming exactly what I always envisioned, and wished it to be. I feel like I’m finally exactly where I need to be in my life. I feel SO AT PEACE. There is a special kind of zen that comes with using the Orgone Generator.

Thank you so so much, I appreciate you and I’m so happy I was blessed with this device, it’s almost otherworldly.

Love, love, love!!!

I ordered this on Wednesday and received it by Friday!!! Super fast shipping, and my special request regarding the receipt had been taken care of, hence i do't have any trouble with the item being helld before it came to my hand! A big applause for the free gift inside it too... really appreciate it!!!!

Upon receiving it, i charge a few of my water bottles, supplements, essential oils, and medicine with the orgone pendant. That day my 4 years old son is down with fever. I charge all that mentioned above for 20 minutes for 432hz frequency. Than i put the needed essential oils to my son, and gave him the medicine, water all that had been charges. Within a few minutes his temperature goes down, and he started running and playing with his siblings! That night i also let him wear the orgonite pendant and he slept well through the night!

I'm still experimenting with this device. The only thing that upset me is that, my husband doesnt belive in it and calling it a crap, so i couldnt get the orgonite pendant anywhere near him. But i'm charging his water and his picture. Hope he'll get benefits too even though he doesnt believe it. Overall, awesome product!! And i'm saving my money for the other product afterwards. Thanx for the super fast shipping and excellent communication!!!