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ORGONITE® PENDANT, Highest Quality Orgonite® by the Inventor - Round Pendant


Certainly the BEST PRICED and HIGHEST QUALITY Orgonite® Pendant available on the market - made of the highest quality Orgonite® available using a top secret SuperOrgonite recipe by the inventor.

This is worth hundreds of pendants of the same size; if those pendants using big chunks or anything other than fine metal powder. Think; Dr. Reich experimented thoroughly and concluded that --- the more layers the stronger the orgone field.

High Quality Epoxy
100 Micron 99% Pure Iron Powder
Quartz Crystal Point
Copper Powder
Secret Ingredients

Why then; do so many use thick big chunks (cheaper) in their Orgonite® pendant knock-offs? One can use simple logic; The Orgonite® you will feel here per square centimeter has effectively thousands of "layers" due to the fine metal compared to maybe a few layers in other pendants with thick chunks? You'd receive a stronger orgone field than those knock-off competitors simply by sitting in your own house; or car; or from a normal book or offline computer (copper, glass, wood). Better; a tree.

These of course contain a nice Quartz crystal piece. Karl Hans Welz when he invented Orgonite® in 1992 had quartz inside; despite false claims by Don and Carol Croft otherwise. You can understand why Croft; yet to even understand the basic tenants of Dr. Reich's work some 50 years ago; and yet to add any sincere value to society; might claim such a thing.

This genuine piece of Orgonite® is made by its one and only inventor; we guarantee you will enjoy it as so many others have and we will take 100% of returns for up to a year - as long as the product is in good condition and not tampered with. Understand in addition to the secret recipe of this powerful Orgonite®, you will be connected in that a worldwide matrix of Orgone enthusiasts also have these pieces of Orgonite® - a strong vortex and statement indeed.

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