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RAD 2000 Orgone Generator®


This RAD2000 is made of a substantial amount of Super - Orgonite® and comes with plug in which streams through it a pulsating electromagnetic field; making a rare true Orgone Generator®. TheRAD2000 has an adjustable frequency meter, three dials for radionics settings, a well plate, stick pad, and 99.99% pure silver output tube.

All of our products are proudly made in the USA with traditional German Engineering standards and include a limited 5 year manufacturer warranty, 30 day no questions asked returns, and direct customer support.

Instant sainthood could certainly be achieved, at least best in your field - will years of meditation and chi cultivation be a thing of the past as is churning butter? I think so.

Having read the explanation of the layering effect which Dr. Reich experimented with thoroughly - explained in shop 'about us' - one can see how this orgonite® made with fine powder; and quite a few other trade secrets; is the equivalent of thousands of pieces of Orgonite® knock offs using dense metal chunks. I personally would rather have one RAD2000 extremely modestly priced compared to the effect; than my entire house filled with Orgonite® knock off pieces using dense chunks; elementary mathematics can show the benefit of many thousands of layers per cubic inch vs. the dense chunks; colorful as they may be.

A wise Orgonite® knock off salesperson could even use this to charge their pieces of orgone energy accumulators; they would be streamed with life force instead of the stand alone blobs; which may receive equivalent to visualize a small thumbnail of orgone; which is taken in by the body then depleted. 

This RAD2000 plugs into your standard wall outlet and converts electricity into a pulsing stream of Orgone Energy. Many describe a tingly cool sensation felt by placing one's hand in front of the output, some even report seeing a blue orgone field.

The RAD 2000


3-Dial Power Radionics Device


The Radionics dials are used to connect with a specific desired trend and/or target of a radionics operation, the orgone generator® intensifies the action and provides the life force ("psionic power") to succeed.

A combination of radionics and orgone physics guarantees powerful operations for assured success. It is Power Radionics™!

The purpose of the RAD2000 Orgone Generator® is the generating of life force, or Chi energy. Therefore, all radionics devices from Orgone Generator have a built-in Chi Generator® (orgone generator®) to provide the power necessary for effective action at a distance! Common radionics devices rely on an individual’s personal energy to power the outcome. The same with your standard vision board or set of affirmations. Radionics simply means ‘action at a distance’ the same functions as any law of attraction, manifestation, self help, etc.

Use the three dial device to establish a desired trend-target combination or to set a trend for the person who is carrying the transfer disk or any other link to the device. 

The frequency settings also act as structural links, or "radionics rates" according to experts in that method.  You can also define them as numeric representations of abstractions, which define specific trend energies or targets, or both. You need not worry with any of these extra tools if not interested - like extra gear settings on a bicycle. Many simply use images and the written word for their manifestations...and it works splendidly! One would still receive untold benefits were they to plug this device into their home and not once touch it or think about it again...

Pound for pound if this cost as much as some of the so-called artisans who sell small pendants for extremely high rates proportionate to their effect; it would cost as much as a small house in Silicon Valley. This is not factoring the 100-1000x strength that can be appreciated from the fine metal powder above and beyond the dense chunks (explained in store summary). *Quite a bit beyond fine metal powder in the Super Orgonite above and beyond what the knock-offs are making. (We would never look at a genuine Orgonite hobbyist negatively. In fact, we believe the world would be a better place if everyone made Orgonite safely and experimented...We encourage this heavily for the greater good. Only the ‘knock off’ comments are directed at those who attempt to divert the energy and money of people genuinely interested in Orgonite to overpriced and ineffective crafts. Again, the easiest way to tell if a merchant has a genuine interest in the effects of Orgone - is if they follow Reich’s teachings and use a fine metal powder instead of big metal chunks!


You can use it for any amount of time, day and night, 7 - 24, when using the AC - DC - adapter.


Silver tubing for output: Silver is a favorite of all professionals, when it comes to energizing the body. All our Chi Generators® have silver tubing. Many have reported a silvery white light substance streaming from the output.

Overview and Competitive Advantage to Other Orgonite Products:


You have certainly seen many of the knock-off types of Orgonite®, of which if you filled a sky scraper with you may have as much orgone as is generated by the Welz heavy duty devices. In fact, there are quite a few knock offs going around that have metal-looking plastic and other junk, not even a primitive form of Orgonite.


Contrary to commonly available misinformation, Orgonite® in itself does not generate Orgone -- it only accumulates Orgone. Those who praise Dr. Wilhelm Reich should know this as it is a central theme to all of his studies. Further, Reich insisted that for his Orgone Accumulators to be effective - they must be placed in a positive environment. What does this mean for those want their small handful of Orgonite® to 'transmute' the electromagnetic soup which surrounds us? NOT GOOD, Reich found that Orgone accumulators placed around toxic environments produced DOR - Deadly Orgone. The Orgonite knock off peddlers who say to put this hunk of overpriced plastic they make on a WIFI router are deluded and potentially causing harm! These people need to brush up on the basics and take a cold shower as to not get sucked into the misinformation put out by malicious corporate interests and/or others.


The ‘debunking videos’ about Orgonite blocking EMF’s along with anything else (a piece of wood, a hand, etc) are somewhat spot on! These critics however fail to address the positive effect orgone has on a nearby organism which would then neutralize the harmful effects - not “blocking” (only a faraday cage would do so). These critics should call us up sometime, after all they subscribe to the religion of ‘scientism’ - to the contrary of the scientific method; the best friend of Orgone studies.

The same knock off Orgonite pushers (beware!) who credit Reich or Don and Carol Croft with Orgonite® also ignore what could be found by reading a bit deeper into such great scientists as Reichenbach, Mesmer (origin of the word Mesmerize) and Korschelt. To have studied Wilhelm Reich even only on Wikipedia, one can see that he was a student of Sigmund Freud. Freud being well versed in hypnosis and the teachers (such as Mesmer) who wrote about Animal Magnetism (now called magnetism personnel overseas) and other names for what Reich termed as "Orgone". More importantly than credit, a sincere Orgonite consumer can quickly digest a summary of these scientists’ findings a make an educated choice on what is the best Orgonite to purchase. After all, even some of these hunks of good looking plastic are asking a month’s pay. Our Orgone Generators many credit as one of their most worthy investments; that can have a positive impact in nearly every avenue of your life.

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