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JU 99 Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator®)


The JU 99 “Junior” Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator®) is an excellent entry level device for those just becoming acquainted with life force technologies.

The JU 99 is comprised of Super Orgonite® contained inside protective plastic casing. The Super Orgonite® is charged with an electromagnetic pulse via proprietary circuitry inside the device, creating a continuous stream of Orgone energy that is emitted through the silver output tube.

The JU 99 comes with a pre-set frequency setting of 7.83 Hz which regulates the pulse of the Orgone output from the device. This frequency is one of the Schumann Resonances and is also known “The Earth Frequency” because it is the same frequency as the pulse of the Earth’s electromagnetic field. After using the device, many users report feelings of being “grounded”, increased calm, and improved stress tolerance, making the JU 99 excellent for basic energy work and relaxation. Some users also describe feeling a tingly, cool sensation when placing their hands in front of the output tube. Some even report seeing a blue Orgone field! Customers commonly use the device to enhance plant growth, charge water, and energize pets.

In addition to being our most affordable device, the JU 99 is very easy to use -- simply plug the unit into a standard electrical outlet and experience an immediate stream of Orgone. It is also extremely convenient - due to its smaller size, it can be carried in a backpack, purse, or even a pocket. When the device is not plugged in, it still functions as a high quality piece of Orgonite®!

The JU 99 can be linked with a pair of Super Orgonite® Pendants to increase the device’s output and enhance energy transfer. Simply turn on the JU 99, slide the rectangle Orgonite® pendant onto the silver output tube, and keep the round Orgonite® pendant in your pocket. The pair of pendants creates a “structural link” between you and the device, enabling you to receive the Orgone output from the JU 99 without loss wherever you are in the world!

Like all of our Orgone Generators, the JU 99 is designed and handmade by Karl Welz, the original inventor of both Orgonite® and the Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator®).

All of our products are made in the USA and come with a 5-year limited warranty. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all purchases under $800 (see our Terms and Conditions for more information).

 *Super Orgonite® Pendants in photos not included*


Orgone Generator® vs. Orgonite®

Though some people mistakenly refer to Orgonite® pieces as “Orgone Generators”, there is an important difference. True Orgonite® is basically a smaller, more powerful version of Wilhelm Reich’s original Orgone accumulator. Reich’s Orgone accumulator - made of layers of wood and metal - was designed to “capture” ambient Orgone energy in order to concentrate it around a person, thereby passing on beneficial energy to the person inside the accumulator. Reich found that the more layers of organic (wood) and inorganic (metal) material present, the stronger the Orgone field. The key is that layering harbors and concentrates a dynamic between the organic and inorganic material (analogous to feminine and masculine, Yin and Yang) that causes the accumulation of Orgone -- the more layering, the more interaction, the more Orgone accumulation.

Orgonite® is also made up of layers of organic and inorganic materials. We use high quality epoxy (carbon-based) for the organic material and fine iron powder for the inorganic material (we use iron because we believe it resonates with the iron in the human body and blood). Using fine iron powder means more surface area for interaction to occur between the iron and the epoxy. So, in essence, our Orgonite® is made up of thousands of layers of organic and inorganic material. Like Reich’s original Orgone accumulator, Orgonite® accumulates and stores Orgone energy -- like a life force battery. But, due to the intense layering effect, our Orgonite® is much more effective at accumulating and amplifying Orgone energy than the now-primitive Orgone accumulator.

It’s important to note -- not all “Orgonite” is created equal. You can find many people selling colorful pyramids and elaborate-looking pieces designed to make for nice home decor and ornate jewelry. A good rule of thumb -- if you can see the layers, you’re looking at weak Orgonite. Visible layers are often due to the use of large metal shavings versus fine metal powder. Don’t be fooled -- it’s a mathematical fact that fine powder provides more surface area for interaction (and, therefore, more Orgone will accumulate) than metal shavings! Our Orgonite®, with its thousands upon thousands of layers, is equivalent to a “building full” of weaker “Orgonite” pieces made with visible layers of metal shavings.

In contrast to Orgonite®, an Orgone Generator® does more than accumulate Orgone -- it actively produces a continuous stream of Orgone. An Orgone Generator® contains Orgonite® which is energized and activated by a specialized electromagnetic pulse sent via proprietary circuitry embedded into the Orgonite®  itself. This process has been shown to actually generate life force versus merely passively accumulating ambient Orgone like Orgonite®. Given that it continuously produces Orgone, an Orgone Generator® is thousands of times more powerful than a standalone piece of Orgonite® (even a high quality one like ours). An Orgone Generator® represents a quantum leap from Orgonite® -- like a computer to a typewriter.


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I thought my life was complete before. Now with the energy boost from my generator - it is even more complete. Can't live without it.

JU99 Best device for the price!

One of the most amazing devices on the market for sure, great energy output and great customer service!

Does It feel good

I bought two one for me and one for my son. My son liked it at first but then decided he didnt like it. So now I use them both one in the bedroom and one in the living room. I think we sleep better since we have had it.

Great fun

Learning to use it to its full potential...


i am still waiting for this order