I hope your New Year has gotten off to a great start. It’s always nice to settle into a new rhythm after all the action surrounding the holidays.

We’ve already been hard at work. This is a special year.

Last year, we saw huge growth in interest surrounding Orgone and Orgone Generators.

This year, we want to use that momentum to spread this life changing knowledge and technology with the entire world.

Our mission -- to provide the most comprehensive, accurate information on Orgone Energy, Orgonite, and Orgone Generators. More and more people are waking up to the benefits of using Orgone to supplement, enhance, and restore their own innate life force and we are passionate about providing the knowledge and tools needed to do so effectively.

With that vision in mind, I want to start by asking YOU -- what questions do you have about Orgone, Orgonite, or Orgone Generators? What topics would you like to know more about? (could be things like the history of Orgone, Wilhelm Reich’s work, beneficial frequencies, etc.)  

Just take 20 seconds and hit send an email to orgone@orgonegenerator.com

Please do this! I read every single email and it would be a huge help to know what you want to learn more about. A few simple sentences or bullet points is fine.

Also, I want to share a few other updates:

1) WE HAVE A NEW PHONE NUMBER -- +1 530-7ORGONE (+1 530-767-4663). Our old phone number will still work for a little while longer, but this is the number going forward.

2) There was a big spike in interest around Orgone Generators last year thanks to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission cracking down on the promotion of Orgonite in connection with radiation, scalar waves, and ions. As some of you might remember, we received a letter from the NRC and had some of our product listings online taken down. You can find my article on this outrageous occurrence on our website in the blog section.

You can also watch this video which spread far and wide across the planet within days:


Of course, much of the info in the video is wrong -- though we think the raised awareness as a result was great.

3) I recently posted a new article on Wilhelm Reich. The article contains a link to a podcast by Peter Robbins who does an in-depth dive into Wilhelm Reich’s work. While people are clearly hungry to know more about Orgone Energy, there’s A LOT of mis-information out there. This podcast is full of useful facts that cut through controversial topics such as DOR (deadly Orgone radiation) and Orgone’s place in relation to modern physics (it’s also an enjoyable listen).

Here’s the link:


As always, let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Thanks for joining us in 2019 :)