You now can be a part of “The Next Silicon Valley” a worldwide movement spreading positive orgone with ease and grace. Simply “feel the chi” and understand its power, join below by entering your email address, and share this new force you have discovered with your friends and family! Simply by sharing you will be rewarded with massive amounts of orgone sent directly to you, prizes including heavy duty generators, raffles, and CASH!


Join and you will be sent the full explanation of how you can participate NOW. No upfront cost to you and share abundant amounts of Orgone with the touch of a button!

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When You Sign Up, Tweet, or Share the Immensely Positive Orgone Field in Your Pocket – Smartphone Background and Related Technologies, You are Joining the Movement to Better our World

Here’s What we are Offering to Those Who Come on Board:

Free Chi-Card – Try it Now

500 Points – Sign up a Friend

350 Points – Share on Facebook

350 Points – Follow on Instagram @OrgoneGenerator

200 Points – Post on Twitter

200 Points – Email Confirmation of New Sign Up

100 Points – Sign Up (Top of Page)



#1 on Leader Board Receives Constant Stream of 3x HD Generators


*Please email or call anytime to redeem your rewards or ask any questions!


All rewards are cumulative and interchangeable:


If you have already earned an extended chi card or other reward, it is still valid via grandfather clause. Please email us to redeem and review new rewards carefully! Campaign growing fast enter sooner rather than later for better rewards!!!


1500 Points – Chi Card Activation for One Month – Write your name on your card!

3000 Points – 30 Minute Coaching Session including ATG12, Call, Text or Email to Redeem

4000 Points – Free Transfer Couple w/ JU99 or greater purchase

5000 Points – Chi Card Activation for One Month – Double Strength

5500 Points – 15% off Any Purchase Under $500

7500 Points – 20% off Any One Generator Purchase

9500 Points – Free Transfer Couple TC99 Orgonite Pendants

12000 Points – 25% discount on First Heavy Duty Generator Purchase

13500 Points – 25% off Any Purchase, 3 Months of Running Transfer Link from ATG12 with Transfer Couple Included

15000 Points – Distributor Contract Offer, 5 Custom Chi-Cards e-mailed to you each activated for 3 months, Two Pairs of TC99’s included with any purchase of JU99 or Greater

20000 Points – Usage of any Domain owned by Company for webstore, Payment Processing Services included, 10 Custom Chi Cards, Two Free JU99’s with Purchase of Rad2400 or Greater

100000 Points – Plane Ticket to Head Quarters in Atlanta for 2 day immersion, lodging not included (US Only). If you achieve this level and are not US based we will personally work out a satisfactory reward for you.



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