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Orgone and Pop Culture

This all seems so great - why isn't it more popular?

A very logical question which we have posited ourselves. Firstly, we have been selling Orgone Generators for more than 20 years now. You might be surprised at some of the people who have one in their office! Including some notable politicians, physicians, spiritual leaders, and 'everyday' people like us. Think of it - once you've gotten a handle on this technology - you won't necessarily rush out to broadcast it to your friends and neighbors. Some you would, but not all - just as with a cunning new book or idea you've developed.

We should remember that the movement of the 'masses' if you will is not always the best meter stick for quality, progress or authenticity. This is a drastic understatement in these times!!! Many great minds have said the inverse is true - moving with the masses is a sign you are in the wrong. 

All that said - we do envision the orgone generator as a personal computer. First it is an obscure wacky device for a small group of inspired individuals to seemingly obsess over - years later one is in every household.

Young icon Jaden Smith talks quite a bit about Orgone. Check out his opinion - if you needed one from a 'star' or popular figure to better trust your own judgement.

In fact, the theories and concepts of Orgone are innate in pop culture and cinema. The collective focus and energy of a crowd for example. Structural Links in advertising - more explained later.

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