Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

Yes, we’ll ship your package anywhere that can accept deliveries. We track all of our orders and will adjust shipping accordingly for international orders.

Do you have customer service?

Yes we offer personalized customer service to all. Call, text, or WhatsApp message 310-867-1778. You can also email via

How does this work?

Each device sold on Orgone Generator .com plugs into a standard wall outlet and begins pulsing with life force. This is, except for items advertised as plain “Orgonite” not an orgone generator – pendants, transfer couples, etc. It is a common misnomer when orgonite is referred to as an “Orgone Generator” – orgonite accumulates orgone though does not generate it without the pulsing trade secret technology in all of our Orgone Generators.

There is no such thing as a “magic pill” – all works must be “possible and probable.” The return on an orgone generator investment is manifold that of the alternatives as it runs 24/7 producing mountains of life energy. You can direct this orgone field towards whatsoever means you desire. Keep in mind, the orgone will not do all the work for you – though it is a powerful force to be reckoned with and handled appropriately.

Do you Offer refunds?

Yes we offer full refunds minus shipping costs on undamaged products. Full refunds are offered within 45 days of purchase. Other refunds and store credit options are available within reason.

Can orgone generators be used for healing or health?

No, absolutely not.  Orgone Generators are an experimental technology in an experimental field of science which is in its infancy. There are absolutely zero medical or healing benefits from Orgone Generators. Some have said their cats and dogs are fond of the devices. Any medical claims of any sort implied or otherwise are false and unfounded – consult an AMA board certified M.D. immediately if you have any illness or suspected illness.

Where can I read more about orgone studies? is a great place to start. The entire works of Wilhelm Reich can be very interesting and useful to those interested in Orgone. Reich was a student of Freud and a M.D. – his findings and writings should be a staple of beginner and advanced students of Orgone studies alike.

what is dor and whats so bad about plain orgonite from other makers?

Although discovering what he called DOR (Deadly ORgone), Wilhelm Reich was unaware that it constantly is transformed back into healthy orgone as a result of the pulsation of the planetary orgone fields.  If this was not the case, all life on this planet would have choked in deadly orgone long ago.  In fact, in his work to remove DOR from the atmosphere (Reich made some real path-breaking observations concerning the presence and absence of DOR in the atmosphere), he grounded it into water, and there …

Serious DOR problems arise whenever the planetary pulse of orgone energy cannot keep up with the generation of new DOR, i.e. the transformation of healthy orgone energy into DOR, as was the case in Wilhelm Reich’s famous oranur experiment.  These problems occur in locations with massive “electrosmog,” or electromagnetic pollution and wherever there is a massive amount of radioactivity present.  For instance, in his oranur experiment, Wilhelm Reich placed a small amount of radioactive material inside a powerful orgone accumulator.

can orgone generators be used for bad things?

Yes, as with any tool it can be used in a variety of ways at the discretion of its operator. You can connect the dots on your own or reach out to us for more information.



No. There are many ripoff and fake ‘new age’ technologies and other BS. We do our best to be as practical and pragmatic as possible. We are firm believers in Orgone technologies and many use with great success

The inventor of the technologies has a thorough and tested scientific background. The man who discovered Orgone was a medical doctor and his theories are more or less grounded in his experiments and verified.