The way the cyber orgonite Chi-cards work and their concept is such a blatant and integrated part of day to day reality that people may have to take pause to relearn its principles. A structural link is the shortest distance between two points - in this case between a heavy duty generator and the card in your pocket.

Have you ever been able to feel the cool chill of a white winter landscape in a picture while gazing upon it in the dead of summer? Have you gotten butterflies in your stomach sitting safely on your couch watching a riveting action scene in a movie? Have you been taken on a vivid journey reading black print from the pages of book? These are symptoms which point to the concrete explanations behind structural links and thus "Chi-Cards".

A chi card or piece of cyberorgonite is placed in a highly charged electromagnetic field of very powerful orgone generators in our undisclosed lab locations. The nuances of the card and the cards themselves receive this constant flow and supply of positive healthy orgone. Therefore the recipient of the portal is directly linked to this orgone field. By way of advanced trend technologies and other techniques - the cards are "programmed" to energize certain amounts to certain recipients for certain periods of time.

All this can be further explained by reading into the long established history of using structural links in radionics and many other practices. Including now the proof by way of quantum sciences and their correlating experiments. To download your own chi-card and piece of cyber orgonite join our campaign here.

The more you participate the longer you'll have an activated chi-card and with more power. This most can feel right away.


PFC Chi Card Trippy